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In this season of celebrating Mothers, it is fitting that this is my introductory article as a piece about overcoming the trials of motherhood. My name is
Shelle Amey, recently married to Doc Amey. I could be described as a lot of things, but second to a wife, I am a mother. This role has brought me to heights
and to lows in my life that I would’ve never imagined I would experience. This role has also been one of the greatest blessings that God could ever give to me.
Many of you reading this have experienced this exact thing. As mothers, we are first a womb. We are the only way to an earthly birth of a human being. That
thought, speaks volumes to the strength we possess. As mothers, we hold within us the natural ability to be nurturing, abiding, humanistic, zealous, and warmjust
to name a few. As mothers, we are the matriarch of our families and with that comes trials that we don’t always tell others about; trials that we face alone a lot
of times. Following a divorce in 2012, I was faced with being a single mother of 3 beautiful girls, two of which are miracle twins. Girls, I learned very quickly, are of
high demand and expect a lot. In my experience as a single mother there were times when I did not know if I made the right parenting decision. The hardest
struggle for me was getting out of self condemnation because in my perfect world, I had to get everything right. I had to be in control of everything that went
on in my life. Well, I found out quickly that I did not have “a perfect world unforeseen” and uncontrollable things happened. There were times when I thought
I should just give up. Often, my hard work and dedication to my children went unnoticed and unappreciated. But one thing I knew, I could never allow myself
to believe that I was useless. As mothers, we may go through periods of doubt and uncertainty, we may have a lot of restless nights. We may feel like our lives
have been condensed to the same mundane routines of daily living. We lose ourselves and who we are to our children and family. All the high hopes we had as little girls growing up don’t happen in the timing we planned. But, the strength of the motherhood inside of me would not let any obstacle I faced overcome me. Instead I overcame.
In the shuffle of life, I lost who I am, but I never lost knowing whose I am, who I belong to. Knowing that I am the daughter of King Jesus always brought a power out of me that I did not know I had, every single time I needed it. I didn’t see the appreciation from my children as often as I would have liked, but I found joy in knowing that I was pleasing my Father in Heaven. As mothers we are naturally overcomers; we are fighters for what we love and believe. One thing we do not do, is allow this thing called life to overtake us. We are blessed to give life to our children. We are also blessed to get to do life with them. Today, I live out my role as a mother and the authority
that God has given me over my 3 girls with pride and gratefulness. There is no greater, earthly gift I could ever receive. As we look at the big picture of life, the trials of motherhood make us better mothers. Our experiences give us not only good stories for our future grandchildren, but it can also be a lit path to help steer our daughters and sons in the right direction. Today, I charge you to let your experiences teach you; learn from them. Walk through while you are going through! Know that as each day passes, you are overcoming. Although your dreams and hopes for your life haven’t happened as you expected, never give up. Go back to that little girl, who had a light so bright and tell her that you are going to make her dreams a reality! Even in motherhood, we can “Be the Change You Want To See”. It is my hope that you have enjoyed this piece. Happy Mother’s Day to all the treasured gems we call, Mother!

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