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We all love to be on our cellphones. I mean, maybe that’s just me, but it seems that—everywhere I go—I see people with their heads down, eyes on that little device in their hands. And sure, there are plenty of problems that come from using your phone too often, such as stiff necks, slowly ruined eyesight and headaches to name a few. Then, there is also a certain politeness protocol to using our phones because it is never okay to be on your phone when someone is talking to you, when you in a meeting or when you are at a meal with another person. I mean, I have been in situations where I have been out at dinner with somebody, have been telling a story and then looked up to see them on their phone. Please, don’t be this person. I’ll be the first to admit that I am constantly on my phone, but even I know when to put it down and pay attention to the real world and not the digital one.

But this article is not to preach about the problems with cellphone use, but to talk about one of the many benefits it brings about. And the benefit I am talking about is apps (applications). It is difficult to explain exactly what apps are, so I’ll do what I do best and let the Internet do the explaining. According to Lifewire apps are “a piece of software that can run through a web browser or offline on your computer, and on a smartphone phone, tablet, or other electronic devices”. The apps I have downloaded onto my phone are for my social medias, my college, my bank, my music and my email. And let me just tell you, that it is so much easier to just go on my email app rather than having to get on my computer and sign into the account each time; with the same for any of the other apps I have downloaded.

The app I will discuss in this article is called Visit Texas City. You can access this app through the same program you use to find any of your other apps. For me, it is through the Play Store but that may be different for you. I found the app by typing Texas City into the search bar and, for me, it was the first choice that pulled up. In order to better explain the app to all of you, I downloaded it and let me the first to say that—it is so cool!

When you first download the app it takes you through a series of steps of things you can include to make your experience more user-friendly. However, you have the choice of whether or not you want to make these downloads, which is something I really appreciate. Once you get onto the app itself, you are taken to your feed. The feed, which may be different to each person, is filled with a plethora of different activities and events relevant to Texas City. Furthermore, it is also date sensitive, with the more recent activities at the top of feed. For example, my feed (at the time of writing) is filled with information on the Bike Festival, the Texas City Museum Appreciation Day and the swearing in of Joe Stanton as the new police chief, among other things. Of course, this feed is bound to change over the coming days as new information and events are added.

Along with the feed, there are several other nuggets you can find with this app. When you download it and go to your feed, you will see (in the top left corner) a cluster of four squares. This is the app’s menu and, when you click on it, a drop down appears with a list of different choices—feed, events, places, tours, my plan and settings. When you click on any of these choices, it takes you to a list of choices depending on what you clicked. For example, when I click on events, it takes me to a list of all the upcoming Texas City events, with the most recent being at the top. For example, my first three events are Movie AT The Dike on August 18th, 5th Annual Old Smokey Cook-off on September 15th and Fall Art Walk On 6th Street on September 22nd. Then, when you click on any of the events, it gives you information on said event as well as link to a website where you can learn more information.

Next, when I click on places, it takes me a list of all the places located in Texas City. From hotels to parks to beaches and more, all you have to do to gain all the information you need on these locations is to click on them in your app. Then you are able to access information on the specific location, as well as a link to its website.

But my favorite part of the app has to be tours section on the menu. This section gives out information on three different statue tours you can take—both walking and on bike. These tours take you around all of the statues you may have seen as you drive by the city hall and, if you look at the app, it tells you all the stops you will make and gives you information on each statue. So, if you are taking the tour in a group, you can impress your fellow tour members with your knowledge of the statues you are looking at. You also have the option, under My Plan, to place events, tours and places on it, so everything of interest to you is in one location. And there is also a link that takes you directly to the City Of Texas City’s website.

Lastly, another great thing about this app is that, although you have the option to make an account, you don’t have too! All of the stuff I explained throughout this article can be accessed without an account. So if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of remembering yet another username and password, you don’t have to! Just go to your App Store, download the app and you’re good to go! But if you do want to make an account, it’s quite simple because you can create one by using your Facebook information. But if you don’t have a Facebook don’t worry because, like I said, you can access all of the information without making an account.

So if you live or work in Texas City and want up-to-date information on everything it has to offer, download the Visit Texas City application now!

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