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Fit Bits


“Tips for improving physical and spiritual fitness to run life’s race with success.” 

By Richard Tew

Philippians 3:14 

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

lessons that have served me well.  One of those is perseverance.

Online dictionaries define perseverance as “Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. I think we can apply this definition to many situations in our lives from athletics to business, faith to health challenges.  For this particular column, let’s focus on heath.

These days, most of us are dealing with restrictions from the current COVID-19 pandemic.  That makes achieving healthy goals a challenge.  As we find ourselves at home more, we also discover how easy it is to become complacent. Here are a few tips you can do to help you get physically and mentally fit and stay fit and persevere through the current challenges of life.  

Online instruction.  Most of us knew little about the video streaming ap Zoom until relativity recently.  Now, for many, it is the app of choice for businesses large and small.  That includes services like dance instruction, fitness, strength coaching and the like.  Like many dance instructors, I too have had to resort to using Zoom to work with my students.  It poses both challenges and rewards.  The challenge can come from not being familiar with the program or having insufficient internet access.  The benefits however, come from a way to stay connected with people, especially people who are trying to help you stay healthy! 

One thing to know about Zoom and apps like it such as Skype, Facebook Live, and Youtube, is security.  Zoom has the option for using passwords for event streaming meeting, make sure to ask your instructor to use them.  There have been instances where meetings have been hacked and taken over mid-class.  Also, to have the best view of your instructor and the “classroom” or “studio” they are using, flip your smart phone horizonal.  Don’t use it in the vertical or “up and down” orientation for video streaming.  

Also understand the learning experience will be different online than it would be in person.  Your teacher will be doing a lot more talking to you while they are showing you movements or techniques.  Be patient with them! Likewise, teachers will be adjusting their style from showing exercises in person to describing them more than before.  Both teacher and student will have to go into online instruction understanding there will be WIFI disturbances, dead batteries and ambient noise.  Both teacher and student should take the time to set up close to WIFI hotspots, charge batteries and find areas that are quite during the class time.   

The benefits from this new-found way to get in shape are many, and worth the time and investment.

To get started, search out quality instruction in a dance form or fitness activity you either already enjoy or have always wanted to learn.  Check your teacher’s qualifications such as current registration in a recognized organization and make sure they are background checked.

Enjoy your new activity and put your all in to and remember, it’s yet another tool to help you win your race to better overall health!Richard Tew has been a successful Irish dance teacher and coach for over 15 years. He is a registered Irish Dance instructor with the Congress of Irish Dance Teachers, and teaches both live and online Irish dance classes and fitness programs.  Visit his website to learn more at

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