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In Win versus Clear Lake: FHS Swim Honors Graduating Seniors


By FISD Media Department

On January 12, Friendswood High girls and boys 5A Swim and Dive Team honored its graduating seniors while simultaneously cinching a win versus Clear Lake High (combined 333 points versus 226 points).

Friendswood’s girls’ also won their recent meets versus Clear Creek last week and Clear Lake this week.

The five graduating seniors honored were Parker Calkins, Emily Camacho, Taite McCray, Lezli Sisung and Mara White. We wish them the best and congratulate them for their many noteworthy academic and athletic accomplishments.

Girl’s 200-yard medley relay: Lezli Sisung, Peyton Becker, Abigail Nelson and Leah Givens (1st) and Nicki Hansen, Riley Holcomb, Mara White, Taite McCray (3rd).

Girl’s 200-yard free relay: Hallie Ratcliff, Riley Holcomb, Bella Allen, Alex Linden, (1st) and Brooke Hubenak, Lacey Drouet, Amelia Morgan and Emmie Ratcliff (3rd).

Girl’s 400-yard free relay: Lezli Sisung, Peyton Becker, Abigail Nelson, Leah Givens (1st) and Hallie Ratcliff, Taite McCray, Alex Linden, Bella Allen (2nd).

Boy’s 200-yard medley relay: Tony Laurito, Marshall Odom, Todd Sisung and Ethan Long (1st) and Talon Welch, Fletcher Wells, Parker Calkins, Luke LeCompte (3rd).

Boy’s 200-yard free relay: Paul Podrebarac, Joshua Sakahara, Chayton Budzik, Daniel Morgan (2nd).

Boy’s 400-yard free relay: Todd Sisung, Ethan Long, Marshall Odom, Tony Laurito (1st) and Paul Podrebarac, Joshua Sakahara, Daniel Morgan, Chayton Budzik (4th).

Individual places 1st – 5th by order of event (yards):

Girl’s 200 Free: Leah Givens (1st), Alex Linden (3rd), Hallie Ratcliff (4th).

Boy’s 200 Free: Todd Sisung (1st) Daniel Morgan (3rd), Paul Podrebarac (4th), Nathan Jennings (5th).

Girl’s 200 Individual Medley: Riley Holcomb (2nd), Mara White (3rd), Brooke Hubenak (4th).

Boy’s 200 Individual Medley: Tony Laurito (1st), Fletcher Wells (2nd), Talon Welch (3rd).

Girl’s 50 Free: Peyton Becker (1st), Bella Allen (2nd), Mara White (5th).

Boy’s 50 Free: Ethan Long (1st), Chayton Budzik (4th).

Girl’s 100 Butterfly: Abigail Nelson (1st), Hanna Stuart (5th).

Boy’s 100 Butterfly: Marshall Odom (1st), Paul Podrebarac (3rd), Talon Welch (4th).

Girl’s 100 Free: Leah Givens (1st ), Bella Allen (3rd).

Boy’s 100 Free: Daniel Morgan (3rd), Joshua Sakahara (4th), Luke LeCompte (5th).

Girl’s 500 Free: Lezli Sisung (1st), Alex Linden (2nd), Taite McCray (4th), Nicki Hansen (5th).

Boys’ 500 Free: Ethan Long (3rd), Nathan Jennings (4th).

Girl’s 100 Backstroke: Abigail Nelson (1st), Hallie Ratcliff (3rd).

Boy’s 100 Backstroke: Tony Laurito (1st), Todd Sisung (2nd), Joshua Sakahara (4th).

Girl’s 100 Breaststroke: Peyton Becker (1st), Brooke Hubenak (3rd), Lacey Drouet (4th), Genevieve Ringo (5th).

Boy’s 100 Breaststroke: Marshall Odom (1st), Fletcher Wells (3rd), Chayton Budzik (4th).

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