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Camacho Launches Campaign Committee for LM ‘24 Mayoral Race

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I, Joel Camacho, have filed my paperwork for my campaign committee to run for Mayor of La Marque in May 2024. I will file my application in early 2024. I’m a United States Army veteran of 23 years and a graduate of Chapman University, having obtained a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

and a Master of Arts in Psychology. I have a long history of public service and advocacy for individuals and businesses that have suffered injuries and losses. My dedication to professional excellence,

customer service, and creative problem-solving has led to pragmatic and just resolutions throughout my military and public service career. I have recently retired from College of the Mainland, after servicing the military veterans and their family members as an academic advisor.

I enjoy spending time with my wife, grandchildren, nephews, and niece. It is my connection with the community that makes preservation and responsible growth for the City of La Marque a priority. I spend my free time giving back to the residents of La Marque. I have and continue to assist with community clean up as part of keeping La Marque beautiful. Assisting veterans with their yard work, which they can no longer perform due to illness and physical limitations. I have served as a mentor for the Galveston County Veteran’s Treatment Court, and along with my wife, facilitate a grief and bereavement group. Public safety and the infrastructure of the city are two of my important priorities.

I was born in Mexico and my family immigrated to the United States as a child. Growing up in and around Los Angeles California, I have experienced the political and social changes of the 1960’s and 1970’s. My extensive travels while in the military and childhood experiences have remained a strong influence, in molding the individual I am today.

I know that many of the residents of La Marque are disillusioned with the path the city has taken. Many long for the La Marque that it once was, a “Neighborhood.” This will require all residents to work.together and once again become neighbors.

I believe that the office of the mayor is the most important leadership role in our city. If elected to be the next mayor of La Marque, I will focus on the basic functions of city government. I think our city has lost focus on delivering effective and efficient core city services. I am very interested in rolling up my sleeves, solving problems, pursuing balanced growth, being fiscally disciplined with our tax dollars, and making things better for our city. Together with our city council, I will facilitate talks that allow us to set priorities our residents have longed for. The most important task as Mayor and leader of La Marque I will be given will be to help our city in building relationships with our residents. I believe I am well qualified, experienced, and ready for the job! There’s a New Way Forward for La Marque, Joel Camacho for Mayor 2024. 

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