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By Richard Tew

The Post Newspaper Contributing Writer

The League City Historical Society and the League City Folk Association have joined forces to offer area residents a chance to fuse local folk music with the rich, historical ambience League City’s historical district is known for. 

Michael Peterson, president of the historical society says the folk music series “Music in the Historic District,” (Formerly “Music at The Museum”) started out as a small song circle style music performance in front of the League City History Museum.  The museum, located at 210 N. Kansas St. provided the backdrop for a handful of small concerts which saw 20-30 audience members. 

“When we first set this up, we did not know what would happen,” said Peterson.  “What you do is you test the water.  That’s when we found out man, we really got something here.”

Helping with the music end is League City Folk Association (LCFA) was founded by singer/songwriter Tucker Hart and his wife Rachel.  Hart has known Peterson through Hart’s father and stepmother who are neighbors of Peterson.  Hart’s father told him about the history museum near their house.  Hart learned the museum is only funded through donations and fees charged from school groups coming in for a tour of the one room schoolhouse and museum.  This gave him an idea which involved combining music with telling the story of the historic district.

“I thought you know what, what if we put together a single circle and maybe just pass the bucket around,” said Hart.

It wasn’t long before the concerts caught on with area residents and a move was needed to accommodate the growing support. 

Hart says the folk association was born out of a desire to help promote the history of the area and give opportunities to singer/songwriters by offering another platform for them to play for an audience. 

“It really started taking off,” said Peterson.

The new location was next door to the museum at the West Bay Common School Children’s Museum, located next door to the history museum.  Peterson says attendance has been as high as 300 in the new location. 

Peterson says over the last year, discussions about locating the concerts at League Park have taken place where they have recently been hosted.  He says the idea is to provide a bigger, more spacious and more visible venue.  Future plans are to hold the concerts at various locations around the historic district in attempts to show the area to more people than before.

“That way others get to see the beauty of the historic district,” says Peterson.  “It’s not always here, it’s not always there, it could be over here.”

Peterson says in addition to a musical performance, there are short talks about the history of the area and whatever venue a concert may be held at.

Hart says so far, they have held 19 shows (three had to be canceled). Each concert is held the last Friday of each month with the next scheduled for February 23 from 7-10 p.m.  There’s no fee for admission.  Interested musicians are encouraged to reach out to Hart at: leaguecityfolkassociation@gmail.com.  The League City Historical Society can be contacted at www.league city history.org.

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Look for monthly folk music performances around the League City historic district each month as part of “Music in the Historic District.”  Photo courtesy of the League City Folk Association.  

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