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By: Hart Parris
We often receive letters from individuals taking a position on a current issue and regretfully we find ourselves struggling
with trying to find a way to print them. The Post has taken a stand against negative news. That does not mean
we will not tackle difficult issues. It does mean we will not approach any subject from a position of anger, accusation,
rumor, hyperbole and innuendo.
There is a certain responsibility that comes with being a citizen of this country and a very important responsibility
is to be informed. We are truly blessed in America to be allowed the right to our own opinions and the means by
which to express them: with our voices and our actions. With the advent of cable television, the 24-hour news cycle,
the Internet and social media, one would think that access to information would make that responsibility easier.
The truth though is that we are inundated with unfiltered noise coming at us from every direction and the challenge
becomes “how do we sort through all that noise and who can we trust to tell us the truth?”
In fact, as we have recently learned, much of what we have seen as “news” has been manufactured propaganda
by a country who has no love for this country or its form of government. The very laws that allow us the freedom to
speak, think, worship, teach, learn, work, buy, sell and simply believe as we choose, makes us vulnerable to such
attacks. That fact demands that we take that responsibility to be informed protectors of our Constitution, our system
of government and all that that entails.
Realistically, who has time for all that? An average annual income in the year 2000 was around $53,000. In 2018,
it is around $60,000 while the value of the dollar has gone from $1.82 to $2.69 in the same span, meaning that
$60,000 of income will purchase $7,000 less goods in 2018 than the $53,000 bought in 2000. These are an average
of statistics from numerous websites with the understanding that, to many Americans, even statistical information
is suspect. We are working longer hours for less buying power. No wonder we find very little time to study and
compare the information that is available to us.
I say this to point out that the most valuable manner of determining a position on matters is through discourse
with one another to help determine where we might stand on a particular issue. Much of the media would like us
to believe that we are so divided as a nation that we are unable to hold a civil conversation. Too much air time is
given to extreme views that have little to do with the majority of us do not concern ourselves over instead of views
that have real impact on our everyday lives.
On November 6, we have a bond issue that will decide whether we – homeowners in Texas City, Hitchcock, Dickinson
and Santa Fe – will invest in better access to higher education through an increase in taxes of approximately
$12 per $100,000 value of that home. Let us ensure that we understand the disbursement of the funds being voted
on, the impact on our local economies, the potential financial and career opportunities that would be afforded to
those seeking to improve their current status. There is a great deal to consider; in fact, it took more than a year to
develop the educational plan on which this bond is fashioned.
I would like to ask our readers to share their thoughts, their concerns (if any), their questions and their experiences
in a manner that will encourage the civil discourse so important to this issue. We will publish every opinion
we receive that reflects the opinion of the writer as long as it is respectful of opposing opinions and does not accuse
or disparage. Please visit the website COMPASS 2025 and read about how the program was
developed, what steps are being taken to ensure a quality education for every person seeking to improve his or her
earning capability, no matter their situation.
Every vote is critical and every vote counts –
even the ones not made. So READ, Register and
VOTE based on fact rather than assumption and innuendo. It is only our future at stake.

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