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The story continues…

Way, way back in 2017, we covered the first graduating class of the Fluor Training Program begun by Chris Delesandri , in a partnership with Salvation Army and the Fluor Corporation to provide opportunities for individuals struggling to find a sustainable career in today’s workplace.

Two years later, the program is still going strong and we now have three more graduates who have changed their lives, gained  employment to become contributing members of their communities. Here they share a little about their experience with Fluor and United Way.

United Way Galveston County Mainland has collaborated with Fluor Corporation to provide free, comprehensive entry-level craft training in high demand industrial crafts at Fluor’s U.S. Gulf Coast Craft Training Center in Pasadena, TX. Training is available for high-demand industrial crafts needed for future employment in the oil and gas, refining, and industrial construction industries.

UWGCM recently had three excellent graduates who have all successfully obtained employment. Each graduate gave us a special quote to share with our community. 

Rosetta Cooper (Electrical) “I will encourage all to go to the Fluor Training Center. I can now move forward and make the money I want to make and possibly have an opportunity to grow with the company. Change is a choice; I am glad I made the right decision with Fluor; it has been life changing for me. Safety is #1 all the time. I’m grateful for my electrical Craft.”

Monica Robinson (Electrical) “I am so thankful and grateful to have been granted the opportunity to attend Fluor’s craft training. This experience has taught me so much about not only electrical but many life lessons. Mr. Prevost was the absolute best and most relevant instructor I have ever witnessed! He and Mr. Myron taught us so much about employability skills that if taken in, any and every one that attended the program should stand out at any job in any industry.”

Astis Lynch (Pipefitting) “The Fluor program has changed my life. I am speechless; I cannot put it in words on how it is really a life changing experience. I am thankful and grateful; I recommend this program to anyone who needs change”

The phenomenal part of this story is that each of these young people, after 12 weeks of 40+ hour days, have found themselves on the other side of success; the winning side.
Each of the Instructors, all of whom began in a plant environment and found themselves, after many years of plant work, were ready to give back, grateful for the opportunity to share what they have learned, inspired by the knowledge that the impact they have in their current roles is far reaching and the end result is apparent in the faces of the young people who they have taught. Not only does this program provide these men and women with highly marketable skills, it seems to ground them and give them a sense of their own worth and much more valuable than when they began their journey.

As our economic climate continue to change and grow away from traditional career environments and skill sets, far too many young men and women begin to see themselves as unskilled, outdated, unhireable. They do not see a way to acquire the skills that businesses are looking for. A commitment to even a two-year college prep program is out of reach for so many young people and often they become lost, unfocused, depressed and many times, lured into unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors. All too often the side effects of that thought process is that they fall out of the workforce altogether and they become a drain on society rather than an active participant and contributor.

The commitment FLUOR has made to be a proactive force against the loss of opportunity for our young people should serve as a shining example for business in every facet of our economy. And the commitment of organizations like United Way, FLUOR and Salvation Army to come together and create a path for those bright minds that would otherwise simply languish in despair, is a roadmap for all of us to be a part of a way up and out for an army of lost souls who could and would benefit from an attainable and effective program like FLUOR and Chris Delesandre and his team have put together.
The next Fluor class begins in January 2020 and registration is currently open. Please call Chase Mullen at 409.948.4211 to discuss the program.

2017 graduating class with instructors, Salvation Army and Chris Delesandri, far right

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