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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor

A 1961 graduate of Ursuline Academy, Sally Davila, now a resident of Dickinson, has been and continues to be a woman with a mission. She was born in Galveston and after high school attended college for a bit till she married and moved to California. 

Her husband said it was time to go back to Texas and so they came home and settled in Texas City.  She needed a job. It was the mid-60s, and Davila knew her options were limited as a female Hispanic. 

Determined to reach beyond what was expected she could accomplish, Davila landed herself a position as a roving secretary with Monsanto. “I wanted to work as a technician, but personnel told me that was never going to happen,” said Davila.

Seeing her vision through to completion meant Davila took numerous courses to secure the certification required for a technician position.

 “I’d apply each time a spot came open and I’d get turned down. Then one day it happened. They asked me if I was still interested in a technician position,” Davila shares. “But I wasn’t so sure I wanted it, so I made them wait a while before I said yes.”

As fate would have it, her supervisor suggested she finish college and become a chemist. So, she went to night school and graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in 1981. She then worked as a chemist for Monsanto (which later became Sterling Chemical) until she her retirement in 2004. 

Her post-retirement career has seen Davila serving in the Adult Education department at COM. 

So why is she photographed with a Rosary, near statues of Mary? Because throughout her life she has been a devote Catholic woman. “I’m 100% Catholic,” said Davila. 

She is profoundly devoted to the teachings of Catholicism, regarding Mary the mother of Jesus. Davila holds fast to the power of prayer through the Rosary, which is a Catholic tradition.

“The Catholic Church considers Mary the mother of Jesus and we believe Mary is an intercessory for our prayers,” explained Deacon Steve Mistretta. 

“We ask ‘The Blessed Mother’ to intervene with her son and God on behalf of believers,” Davila said.  

“I’ve always been very close to ‘The Blessed Mother’,” said Davila. 

Her devotion has taken her to Croatia, France, Portugal, Mexico City, San Jana De Los Lagos, Mexico, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. All are well-known locations in the Catholic faith where Mary’s appearance to humans is celebrated. 

At 12:00pm on Saturday October 16, 2021, in front of St Mary of the Miraculous in Texas City, Davila will be one of thousands of others across America who has taken up the responsibility of organizing a local public prayer of the Rosary. 

This is not Davila’s first public Rosary. Amidst the flurry of last fall with pandemic strive and civil unrest, she gathered 75 devotees in front of the church to join with others across the country and pray the Rosary.

Ruth Garner was a participant last year and she intends to be part of this year’s event. “I am very honored to be part of praying the rosary in a big group making the prayer even more powerful,” said Garner.

“We are praying for America, for our nation, because we need help,” said Davila. “I hope at least 100 people will come out this year.  Our country really needs a lot of prayer right now,” she added. 

She goes beyond prayer in practicing her faith. “She works nonstop for her ESL students and for the church. She is very generous, dedicated and caring for others,” said Deacon Mistretta.

Davila’s life’s passion has also taken her on several humanitarian visits to Central America. 


  1. THANK YOU for this wonderful article… this day of so much gloom and doom it is extra nice to read articles such as this one….HOPE!!!

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