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Spotlight on Business: Starr Automotive

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When the pandemic first started, my wife and I didn’t know which direction to go in. I had been furloughed from my job and hadn’t the slightest notion to starting this business. It wasn’t until a friend of mine shared a listing for a two-post automotive lift for sale that I figured out our next mission. 

Coming up in a mechanic shop, I knew what it took to create a good working environment and a productive one as well. With assistance from my friends and family, whether it was breaking their back alongside me or supporting me with advice and a small loan and vote of confidence from my father in-law, I was able to get the business off the ground. 

One thing I knew is there are a lot of automotive repair and diesel shops around, so we strived to be different and work daily to serve our community. We were able to go from a tent in front of my garage, to an 875 square foot building on our property to now being in a large commercial building in the heart of Texas City. 

Our number one goal from the beginning is to always give our customers the most bang for their buck and communicate anything and everything to make the diesel/automotive repair experience a tailor made fit to their needs without gouging them for their last dime. Times are tough, but you can always count on the family at Starr Automotive to be there to assist you with all your diesel and automotive needs. 

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