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Dear Frankie: Crazy About Dogs

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By Frankie D. Dog

Dear Frankie,

Why are hu­mans so ena­mored of their dogs? 

It’s intriguing how some hu­mans seem to prefer the com­pany of their dogs over family members. 

What is it about dogs that makes their owners so willing to invest significant amounts of time, attention, and money into their care? 

Mind you, I’m not complaining; I’m fortunate to have a loving human family. I’m just curious. 


Dear Aliana, 

The answer to your question depends on who you ask. Some humans say their dog provides them with loyalty and companionship. Others would say an opportunity to be a caregiver gives them a purpose in life. Still, others would say someone to share their inner thoughts and feelings without being judged. 

The one thing that all dogs provide is unconditional love. In their eyes, their owner is the most important person in their life. Dogs love their owners for who they are. They don’t care how they look, dress, or how much money they have. None of those things matter to them. 

What matters is their owners also make them feel loved, safe, and cared for. What more could anyone want in life from another? 

Best, Frankie

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