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Prevent Another False War




By: Ali Kahlili – Webster Texas

Editors Note: The Post Newspaper holds no position regarding political issues. Our job is to provide a venue for the communities we serve to voice their opinions. It is important to provide that service to all so that our communities can hear a variety of opinions on the topics of the day. We encourage dialogue and the sharing of ideas. We will not however, tolerate any submissions that fall outside of the parameters of civil discourse.

As a nation once again, we are on the verge of embarking upon a path that will result in massive deaths and destructions at great costs for false reasons. Our recent history has demonstrated how easily, due to lack of involvement by our citizens, members of congress and pressures from lobbyists, we engaged in a false and disastrous war that caused the loss of hundreds of innocent lives, causing destruction of countries and costing us trillions of dollars while undermining our fundamental values for decades to come.

The same forces who benefited from the last war are at work again. The middle east power centers, military industrial complex and their powerful lobbyist see new opportunities to consolidate their power base, amass hundreds of billions of new wealth and create more chaos.

After conclusion of JCPOA nuclear agreement between Iran and USA, China, Russia, UK, France and Germany, a climate of relative peace and harmony was created with opportunities to address and negotiate the long outstanding issues between Iran and USA. Iran agreed to curb its nuclear enrichment program to be verified by on sight presence of teams of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors. IAEA has continuously verified Iran’s compliance with the agreement.

Trump administration, surrounded by special interest groups, unilaterally pulled out of the JCPOA agreement and imposed ever increasing crippling sanctions against Iran making a colossal miscalculation that Iran will capitulate and forfeit its sovereignty. Anyone familiar with Iran’s history would have known that is a pipe dream. The Iranian people will unite and stand up to bullies who wish to deprive them of their fundamental right to make decisions based on their values. They will oppose aggression, oppression and killing of innocent people at least in their own region.

Crippling sanctions are in fact war. When a country is blocked from free trade with the rest of the world the citizens face massive inflation, loss of jobs and the ability to feed their families. Trump administration in fact declared war on people of Iran when he unilaterally violated an international agreement by pulling out of JCPOA and placing devastating sanctions on Iran.

Iran declared that despite this gross violation which gives Iran every right to cancel the agreement, Iran in good faith would continue to honor its agreement and work with the international community including the other signatories of the agreement. When additional sanctions were imposed to reduce oil exports to zero, which would literally suffocate the Iranian economy, then Iran declared that within sixty days it would resume uranium enrichment unless the international community would ensure Iran’s ability to sell 1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Like any country in the world after the start of an economic war and threats of military intervention, Iran reserves the right to take all necessary step to prepare to defend itself. Such logical preparations should not be falsely used as a pretext for escalating hostilities. There is, absolutely, no credible reason to start another false war. United States should join the international community by honoring it’s JCPOA agreement and participate in peaceful negotiations free from empty threats and bullying tactics.

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