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“Dig In” with the Texas City Garden Club Your Guide to Coastal Gardening By Bridget Buffa


 Fall gardening, or second season gardening, means just that, taking advantage of our wonderful fall weather to do many of the same things we did the previous spring. There are many advantages to fall gardening.  I believe the best one is that it is so much more pleasant to be in the garden when the sky is blue and the air is cool and crisp. Many Fall grown vegetables also have a better flavor. That is because the shorter day length tends to concentrate sugars in vegetables like corn and beans. Secondly, once established weeding, tending, watering activities will take place in cooler, less humid conditions.

    In many instances, plants that you had in your summer garden can be trimmed back and fertilized to continue into Fall.  I have had the same Jalapeno plant going on 3 years now and now that the weather is getting cooler, my bell pepper plant is looking much healthier.  

    Fall is also good time to plant a salad garden here in Texas. Lettuce, as well as radishes, kale, swiss chard, spinach and many varieties of greens, prefer the cooler weather that fall and winter offers. With some care and planning the salad garden lasts all winter and into late spring. 

    To make the perfect salad garden consider your family’s favorite salads and go from there.   Begin with green leaf lettuce. Add other greens of your preference, radishes, green onions, etc. Plant in succession to insure a continuous supply of lettuce and the other salad vegetables. I usually plant two or three-week intervals to keep everything going.

    The nutritional value of lettuce varies depending upon the variety. Its most important nutrients are vitamin A and potassium. The darker the green of a lettuce, the more nutritional it is. Lettuce is also a moderately good source of Vitamin C, calcium, iron and copper. The most widely consumed lettuce – iceberg – has little of anything except for water, but it apparently ships well. Plant your salad garden soon, so you can serve your family a great Soup and Salad meal as the weather gets cooler! 

    The Texas City Garden Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month (September – May) at 10:00 a.m.  During the months of September, October and November, we will meet at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 510 13th Ave N., at the corner of 6th Street and 13th Avenue.  The meeting will be in The Hope Center, which is the building closest to 6th Avenue.  New Members always welcome!

    The Texas City Garden Club will host our annual Holiday Gift Shop Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Nessler Center. Booths are still available.  If you would like to participate, please contact Nancy Heard at 409-948-8497 or 409-771-5697.  In addition to our popular Baked Goods sale, Garden Club members are also planting succulents and make “Holiday” Potpourri that will be for sale at the Holiday Gift Shop.   

    That’s all for now ~ Keep Growin’ and Diggin’! Stay tuned for more good news from The Texas City Garden Club.

~ Live Life in Full Bloom ~

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