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My adjustable bed frame broke. Why won’t anyone fix it?

 When David May’s bed frame breaks, he hopes the manufacturer will cover it under his warranty. But it won’t. Now what?

Q: In 2017, I bought a queen bed and an adjustable frame from Raymour & Flanigan Furniture. Several weeks ago, when my wife sat on the bed, it collapsed. 

We have a five-year warranty on the bed frame. I called the manufacturer, Reverie, and the furniture store. My wife and I also drove over to Raymour & Flanigan to speak with the store manager in person. He said his only contact with Reverie was through the sales representative, but he promised to get in touch with him about our bed frame. 

We are currently sleeping in the living room. I’m on the couch and my wife is in the recliner. Can you help us get our bed back? — David May, Newington, Conn.

A: Your bed shouldn’t have collapsed. But since it was under warranty, the furniture company should have fixed or replaced it promptly. The broken part was a Reverie Horizontal Split Base, which is an adjustable bed frame. The furniture store referred you to the manufacturer to file a warranty claim.

I wasn’t sure why you couldn’t remove the frame and use the mattress without the base until you could get it repaired. It turns out you had medical reasons for moving to the living room. If you hadn’t, I think you might have been able to come up with a more comfortable short-term solution to your bedding dilemma.

By the way, I really like the frame you bought. It adjusts to your sleep preference, gives you a massage and can even be controlled by your cell phone. But what good is all that when your frame is broken?

Your <a href=”“>Reverie warranty</a> comes with some restrictions, as all warranties do. For example, if you open the control box, motors or wireless remote controls, it voids the warranty. Also, the recommended weight limits for your Power Base is up to 850 lbs. total. If you used your bed frame in a way it wasn’t intended, you could lose your warranty protection.

Initially, it looked like most of your contact with both parties was by phone or in person. When you’re self-advocating a complicated case like this, you need a paper trail. Emails, letters, receipts — anything that proves you tried to fix this case. 

It turns out you had receipts, but we needed a better paper trail. Fortunately, you had some paperwork but experienced some difficulties sending it to me by email.

I asked my research team to find executive contacts at Reverie for you. Although the emails you sent to them and to the main address were acknowledged, it looks like Reverie didn’t follow up. It’s unclear why the manufacturer didn’t respond to your inquiries. It didn’t answer questions from my advocacy team, either. 

But Raymour & Flanigan Furniture, which sold you a bed and frame with a warranty, also bore some responsibility. I reached out to that company on your behalf about your broken bed frame. After some back and forth, Raymour & Flanigan Furniture agreed to send a technician to assess the problem with the base. Shortly after that, a company representative offered you a new bed frame. 

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