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What would compel a person to navigate a large truck through treacherous road conditions, heavy rain and strong winds to retrieve something of importance? 


   This is exactly what one of our publishers did the Monday morning after Harvey made it’s initial landfall and began slowly moving up the Texas coast.

   After he confirmed that our newspapers were indeed printed and ready for pickup at our press in Rosenberg he then studied the current road conditions, picked out the best route and went after the papers. 

   Now this is an excellent example of faith working for us.

   See, faith simply put is our positive response to what God has already provided by grace. 

   Grace alone will not guarantee that we will see the promises of God manifested in our own lives, likewise faith just by itself is not going to move God. 

   God already moved over 2,000 years ago through the atonement of His Son Jesus.

   But when we mix the two together, grace and faith, “we are saved by grace through faith,” then we can use our faith to receive all that God has already provided for us by His grace. (Not only the salvation of our souls.) 

   For instance, the paper had already gone to press and lay waiting on the loading dock for pick-up. Because this was an important task with possible dangers our publisher contacted the CEO of the company, who then walked across to the docks and verified the pallets himself. He gave his word, that our papers were ready, then our publisher acted on this information.  

    Faith is an action word. 

    And here’s something to consider, when we know God’s word, not just head knowledge/memorization but having a heart knowledge, wisdom with understanding, then we will depend on Him as His word is truth.

    A reliable trusted source to put faith in. Not people, who can get things wrong, make mistakes or even provide false reports. Just like our publisher did not rely on the press employees at that perilous moment. There was a lot at stake here. 

    Something else, his action alone to go after the papers did not make our press run, after all, several things could have hindered the process. The power might have failed, the press could have broken down, people may not have been able to make it to work, etc. 

    But again, once he knew for sure they were ready, because he trusted the word of the source, then he made the choice to go after them.

    Now praise God he made it there safely and back again but it was not easy! And by his own account, “very scary at times.” As he witnessed first hand the flooded fields and swollen creeks and rivers, doubt must have crept in and I would guess that he was tempted to turn back at times, but he was determined. 

    When you read the word of God, believe His promises, understand that it is His will for us to be healed and to prosper and to have joyfulness and peace, then you will act on it! 

     Faith is an action word. 

     But again, our faith is not what moves God, but we will respond by faith when we know God has already moved. He made provision before there ever was a need. Before we were born He knew what each one of us would need for today. 

     God is not running around making a tree for you to sit under, or constantly pumping oxygen into the atmosphere so we can breath. (Just like you don’t have to constantly remember to take a breath, you just breathe.)  

     And even a negative world, the criticism of others or your own doubts you can reach into the things of God and take what our faithful, loving Father God has already provided for you by grace.

    Faith alone will get you stuck in a ditch, getting a thousand people to pray for you in hopes that God will see the gravity of the situation and act on it.  (When the truth is, He already has.) 

     Grace alone will put you on the other side of the ditch, just waiting for the “paper’s” to be dropped at your door. 

   Sadly a lot of people have/are waiting on God to do something for them or a loved one. So when it seems that “He” did not come through they have been offended and hurt and have turned away from God because of the false sovereignty of God doctrine that many churches support.)   By His sovereignty He made provision and gave us free will to believe and receive or doubt and do without. 

    We don’t have to work for God’s approval or goodness.

    But the knowledge/revelation that God is good will compel/activate your faith to enter in and receive a loving relationship and wisdom to receive His provision and peaceful rest.

    By faith, we can learn to “press” into His rest while living in a state of grace.   

P.S, You know, God went to retrieve something of extreme importance to Him. Mankind! That’s why He sent His Son to buy back that which was lost.   

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