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By James Rankin
The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book:
The Construction of a Rainmaker
The Rainmaker’s behavior is grounded in ethics, which
is the science of correct behavior or it is the art of moral
living. In studying ethics, I would like to break ethics into
three categories. I would like to coin the term “C3 of
Ethics”. Each part of the C3 formula serves as a pillar
for this unique way to study, process, and assimilate the
essence of this valued resource into your life. The obvious
initial element of ethics would be the Rainmaker’s
Character. Character could be defined as:
the internalized qualities of a person that encompasses
the moral, intellectual, and mental framework of
a person.
It has been said that character is what you do when
you are isolated from others and free to choose your
behavior without the influence or observation of others.
The first element of character is self-esteem. Simply
put, self-esteem is your own personal evaluation of your
self-worth. It is how you feel about who you are and
where you are going. When you truly value yourself you
are going to do the right things for your body, mind, and
spirit. You are going to value people and treat them in
the exact way that you expected to be treated by others.
Developing a positive self-esteem is founded on a positive
self-concept personalized by a positive self-image
and carried out on the wings of a positive self-esteem.
The next element for character is the trait of being an
outer-directed person. Rainmakers by their very nature
are outer-directed meaning that they realize that the
world does not evolve just around their needs and wants,
rather they know that the world contains millions of others
who have their own desires, dreams, and goals that
they want to attain too. The Rainmaker actually derives
pleasure in seeing that others are reaching their ambitions
and they enjoy assisting them in the pursuit of
their needs. The by-product of this unique trait is that
Rainmakers rarely are depressed since their focus is
assisting others. The opposite definition of the outerdirected
person would be a narcissist. A narcissist is one
whom whole life mission is satisfying their own appetites
and ambitions. These people are prone to mood swings,
deep depression and possess a polarizing personality.
They lack the skill to develop meaningful long-term relationships
which are the hallmark of a Rainmaker.
The final element of the first pillar for Ethics is a moral
code commonly referred to as one morality. When the
Rainmaker adopts a moral code for their lives then there
is no guesswork for behavior despite the situation or
circumstances. The Rainmakers know it is an effective
way to pre-program one’s awareness, conscience, and
consciousness in an enlightened way to ensure harmony
in one’s life.
The next C for Ethics would be the Rainmaker’s
Competence. Competence is the consistent and outstanding
outward expression of a solid successful
internalized thought generated by the Rainmaker.
Competence is built on three elements which are: Skill
Set, Track Record, and Depth of Understanding. We
have covered the Rainmaker’s skill set throughout this
project that consists of their ability to learn a presentation,
speak in public, persuade, marketing, obtain
business, build a referral base so that all these things
merge together to produce results. When the Rainmaker
obtains and experiences true results then the outgrowth
of these actions clearly establishes a well-paved track
record on which to build your career on. As we project
ahead, we can surmise with that a Rainmaker with honed
and fully developed skill set that has been documented
and recorded in the marketplace will give way for the
most valued commodity that a Rainmaker possesses
in their vast and varied tool box and that is Influence.
When the competition is busy supplying references and
working frantically to construct a reputation; the influence
of a Rainmaker is closing deals, procuring clients and
exceeding expectations every day.
The Final C for Ethics is Collaboration. Collaboration is
an essential part of Ethics for it solidifies this critical part
of a Rainmaker’s makeup. Collaboration could be defined
as a body of persons seeking to accomplish something
worthwhile in life, or a synergetic experience between
two people focusing on the same project. Collaboration
consists of three elements which are: Accountability,
Creditability, and Influence.
In the collaboration stage, accountability keeps the
parties working together for the duration of the project.
The by-product of accountability is creditability that is
established when two or more people work together in
a rewarding endeavor. The creditability stage bears out
the outstanding qualities of the members of the group in
reaching a successful conclusion. When you reinforce
creditability, then you arrive at the cherished trait of
influence that will open doors and endless opportunities.
When the Rainmaker internalizes and responds
with these three powerful transforming pillars of Ethics,
Character, Competence and Collaboration then they will
live out what is right, ethical, logical, reasonable and

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