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“R. E .S.P. E .C.T”


By Terry Melancon
Twenty years or so ago a lady by the name of Aretha
Franklin wrote a song called “Respect” and the lyrics
were: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. what that word means to me. She
said I’m not going to do you wrong because I don’t want
to; all I’m asking for is a little respect when you get
home; what happened to the word respect. What about
respect in general? As a child growing up in society we
were taught by our parents to say yes sir and no mam.
There was a certain respect that younger people in general
would show to those older than themselves.
When asked a question the response would naturally
be yes sir or no sir; yes mam or no mam. This was to
acknowledge or show reverence for their age. When
an older person would cross the street or needed help
with anything it was natural for the younger person to
lend assistant.
Even during biblical days the younger people would
not marry unless their parents approved. As a matter
of fact the parents would arrange the marriage for the
children. The children would not question their parent’s
choices because of respect; believing that their parents
knew what was best. Today children defy their parents
and start a relationship with or without the parent’s
Whenever you go to a place of business where someone
wants to serve you; they have to wait until you finish
your telephone conversation before they can either take
your order or wait on you. What a disrespect having
someone wait until you finish your phone call before you
give them your attention. People walk directly in front
of you now days and almost step on your feet and no
one says excuse me. Where’s the respect gone, have
we come to a place in society where no one values
another, be it position or age.
I‘ve been in malls and stores and heard small children
talk to their parents as if they were talking to another
adult; and the parent doesn’t correct the child. As a
child when growing up if two adults were having a conversation
and a child came in to say something one
of the adults, maybe the child parent would say just a
minute we’re talking.
This wasn’t to say that the child wasn’t important it
was to show the child not to interrupt adults when talking
and wait their turn. Call me
old fashion but the fact remains
I would have enough respect for
you to say to my child wait a minute
or to you excuse me a minute.
Respect I believe has gone out of
America’s culture.
Disrespect has become the norm
now days; no one has respect for
neither people nor their personal
property. There’s a spirit running
rampant through America and the
entire world where people no longer
have love for one another
enough to respect what doesn’t
belong to them.
Romans 13:1 let every soul be
subject unto the higher power. For
there is no power but of God, the
powers that be are ordained of
God. In this country we need law
to govern the state of affairs. The
rule of law goes out the window
when the lawless rule.
John 19:10-11 then said Pilate
unto him, speak not thou unto me?
Know thou not that I have power
to crucify thee, and have power
to release thee? Jesus answered
thou could have no power at all
against me, except it were given to
thee from above. Without laws the
people become lawless and are
out of control. No one in a position
of authority has been placed there
because of their ability but by the
ordination of God.
You can have knowledge, skill
and talent and be qualified for the
position but if it isn’t God’s will it
will not happen. Yes people show favoritism for friends
and relatives when hiring for jobs; but the fact remains
it’s still God that allowed it to be so.
As a kid I looked up to the police because they maintained
order in the neighborhoods throughout society.
We showed them respect for their position and authority;
and the badge they wore. The person who wore the
badge was well respected; because usually they were
someone who grew up in the neighborhood and everybody
knew them.
We’ve come to a place in society where we kill policemen
who are hired to protect us from law breakers.
When someone breaks into your house you call the
police to find and arrest the criminal. When someone
is assaulted or robbed in the neighborhood we call for
help, well the help is a policeman. There are good and
bad people all around the world, but attacks against
those sworn to protect you is disrespectful.
Matthew 7:12 Therefore whatever you wish men to do
to you, do also to them, this is the law and the prophets.
This was a commandment from Jesus, for us to treat
each other with respect. If you didn’t want to be violated
in any manner verbally or with gesture, then don’t
dish it out. People have made statements to this effect:
you have to earn my respect but I beg the difference;
respect is given not earned.
Innocent young black men have been slain in mysteries
manners and signs were made that stated black
lives matter. Then retaliation began in the streets and
police were assaulted and some killed; then signs were
displayed white lives matter. After that signs showed up
that said police lives matter. According to God all lives
matter because life is the creation of the Lord.
Genesis 9:6 whosoever sheds man blood, by man
shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made
he man. The enemy of God has plans to divide and
conquer his creation; Hatred, bigotry, racism are the
devices used to create division, chaos, which leads to
death in some form or another.
Love is the key to this situation and without love all
those before mentioned things will continue to occur.
When you don’t respect someone’s person; you’ll act
out and violate them in some manner of disrespect.
1 Peter 2:17 honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear
God and honor the King. When you honor someone
for just them being them you show respect. People
shouldn’t have to do anything for you to respect them
just show it. There’s a saying out there that says you
have to give some to get some. Galatians 6:7 be not
deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man
sow, that shall he reap.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T the song said: what that word means
to me, it means that I will have great regard for you
and what belongs to you. In no way will I look at you
again with a blatant disrespect. Webster’s definition
of the word blatant: bad behavior, done openly and
unashamedly; flagrant, glaring, obvious, undisguised,
unconcealed, open.
Respect says that you matter just as I matter; I will
not devalue you in any way but give you what I desire.

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