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Consistency is the Key. As we have made it through the
first week of the new year I want you to take a look back
and ask yourself… are you still on track to accomplish
your goals in 2018? It may be easy to start something; the
question is how hard is it to finish? So for today’s Be The
Change encouraging word, I would like to share my belief
that Consistency is the Key.
If you think about it , as we go through life, starting
things is pretty easy. It’s that “sticking to it and being consistent
until we finish that is so hard. Think about a body
builder or even someone new to the gym; they will not see
instant results the first time they work out and maybe not
even the tenth time. But if they continue to show up and
make progress every time they go, by staying CONSISTENT
they will begin to see results. You can apply this
to any aspect of life. Whether it is work or play, personal
relationships or business, consistency in who you are and
how you behave brings results.
So at the beginning I asked you to look back over your
first week of 2018 to see where you are and if you are on
the right road to get you where you need to be; to accomplish
the goals that you have set for yourself If so, I would
encourage you to stay consistent. If you are not on the
right road, to get you where you need to be, to accomplish
the goals you have set, I think right now would be the best
time to listen to Siri when she says “Reroute” and take
the next U-turn! Get back on the road that will lead you to
where you need to go to get the things done that you have
set out to accomplish. How do you do that?
I am preaching to myself right now, because there are
many times that I have set myself many goals to accomplish
and it just seems like there is never enough time in
the day to do all the things that I have set out to do. So
what I have had to do is begin to figure out the importance
of the things I need done and prioritize them accordingly.
Then I begin to set myself schedules, writing on sticky
notes, setting alarms on my phone, and doing what I need
to do to stay consistent and on the road that will lead me
to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.
There are so many distractions in the world today
that the Enemy puts before us to keep our minds
occupied and off the things of God and the goals
that we set for ourselves. Public Enemy #1 for me
is Social Media. I have been fasting off social media
the last 12 days and I am amazed by how well
my “battery: really works and the things I have been
able to accomplish. Because I had been wasting so
much time scrolling down Facebook, I didn’t realize
how much time I was actually wasting. Just that one
adjustment helped me get back on the road to CONSISTENCY.
So I encourage you to do some soul
searching for yourself and see what that distractions
are keeping you from being consistent in doing the
things you need to do.
What I have learned is, CONSISTENCY IS THE
KEY. But it can go either way. Are you consistently
focused on your best self? Or are you unfocused
and inconsistent; distracted by The Enemy? With it
still being early in 2018, if you find you have strayed
from the path you need to travel, go ahead and bust
a U-turn at the next available opportunity and get
your mind back focused on the things you need to
accomplish. One thing I have always heard is that
a person will always do what is truly important to
them. So ask yourself. How important are the goals
you have set for the coming year?
Remember, you may not know it, but you have somebody
depending on you; maybe even looking to you for
guidance without your knowledge. Don’t let them down.
Consistency is the Key. Be the Change YOU Want To

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