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Well, we are in a New Year. 2017 has come and gone.
And I know, speaking for myself, there were many ups
and just as many downs. But one thing that I will do in
2018, is have a Forgetful Mind about the negative things
and things I wanted to do and wasn’t able to do in 2017.
As we come into a new year, I don’t know exactly what
percentage but I know a lot of the world makes New Years
resolutions. And I know at least most of those resolutions
are shot dead in the water by the beginning of February.
A lot of times we can take what happened in the previous
year into the new year and let it discourage us into not
getting done the things we made resolutions to do.
So in today’s Be The Change encouragement, I would
like to suggest you to have a forgetful mind. When you
dwell on the things of the past, life itself will pass you by.
Isn’t it ironic that your car has a big windshield in the front
and a small one in the back? I think if we really just dig
deep into that we could get some revelation from it.
Now speaking from personal experience, I have made
resolutions and didn’t complete them. And then the new
year started and I let my negative thoughts of what I was
not able to accomplish the year before get in my mind and
not even start to try something new in the New Year. And
I know many of you can relate to that. So as we come into
this new year, we have to look at it and know that what is
done is done and what isn’t, is not and there is nothing we
can do to change that.
What we can change is what we are going to do with
our “Right Now”. I know as you are reading this, there is a
deep down desire of something you have always dreamed
of doing or wanted to do but just didn’t know how.
Maybe you get discouraged because you don’t
know where to start. Maybe you put the cart before
the horse; looking at the end and never getting to the
beginning so that you just never start. But I believe
that you have to start sometime, somewhere, or that
dream will go to the grave with you like so many others
have before you.
So as you start this New Year, have a forgetful
mind about what you could not do in the past and
begin to trust God again and the Promises He gave
you. Start “Right Now” seeking His face in his word
and God will direct and guide you to accomplish the
things that you desire that are His will for your life.
Too often we don’t get things done because we try
to do them on our own and we get frustrated and
we lose hope and another dream gets buried by the
cares of life and it is no more.
But I know God wants to do something great with
you right now and it begins with you trusting Him
and believing that you are exactly who He wants
you to be. You can do all things through Christ who
strengthens you. So start dreaming again. Start believing
again. Start trusting God more and Start forgetting
the things that were. Let go of the things that
didn’t happen and start considering the things that
can and will happen. This is your year and it starts
Right Now! One day at a time. You are destined to
be great. Now go be Great. Be the Change You Want to
See…Right Now.

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