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Last week I wrote a piece discussing the fact that, this
year, I will no longer make New Year’s Resolutions.
Most of the time, they are never followed through with.
And, adding to that, who says that you have to wait until
the New Year to make a life change? You can do it any
time. With all this in mind, I decided that 2018 would
be the year where I stopped making resolutions and
just started to make small changes that would lead to
a better me. And, in this issue, I’d like to discuss these
small changes.
When it comes to my opinions, I am very passionate
about them. No matter what the opinions are about,
when someone disagrees with me, I like to have conversations
trying to prove to that person that my opinion is
right. Of course, I know that this isn’t smart, but when
I’m on social media and I see someone say something
that I do not agree with, I’ll say something. More often
than not these conversations will lead to arguments and
put me in a foul mood all day.
This year I hope to change that. I have decided that
speaking (read: arguing) with people over my opinions
online is completely pointless. That’s the whole thing
about opinions. They aren’t fact, so you can have
whichever opinions you want. As long as they aren’t
prejudicial or discriminatory, people should be able to
have any opinion they want without having to justify it.
So, this year, I won’t share my opinions with people who
I don’t know in real life. Plus, when it comes to differing
opinions, it’s easier to put your point across when you
can have a face to face discussion with the other person.
So I’ll have my opinions, you have your opinions
and we will live and let live. Okay? Okay.
Now, number two. Most of you know me as Trishna
Buch, the reporter from The Post. But, not many of you
know my true personality. What you know of me is my
professional personality. That’s my calm, collected self.
The Trishna who has her entire life together; no stress,
no worries. But, my non-professional counterpart is a
stress-filled, worry-filled, mess. I worry about everything—
things in my control and things out of my control.
I worry so much, that I can’t sleep and sometimes I
make myself ill.
But that is going to change this year. Last year I
watched a movie in which there was a quote that said
“worrying means you suffer twice.” This really spoke to
me, because, no matter how much I worry, whatever is
meant to happen will happen. I can’t control that, but I
can control how I react. And if I am worrying, I am not
in a calm state of mind and I won’t be able to handle
the issue well. Furthermore, if I can control something, I
should do what I can to solve the situation. If it is something
I cannot control, then I shouldn’t worry. I just need
to work hard and get on with my life, and let everything
else come as it does.
Number three—I don’t sleep. Well, it’s not that I don’t
sleep, but that I don’t sleep at normal hours. For the
past few years, the earliest I have gone to bed has
been between midnight and 2am. Sometimes, this
lack of sleep gets so out of control, that I know I need
to be up in five hours and I still won’t sleep. I will be
watching Netflix, not comprehending anything in the
episode, practically falling asleep and I still won’t stop
the show and go to sleep. I think this connects back to
my tendency to worry about everything. When I sleep, I
have no distractions and this sends my thoughts into a
frenzy. I put myself in a panic so I combat this by falling
asleep while I’m watching a show, so that there is no
time to think.
But, this year, I’m going to attempt to deal with my
sleep issues. Of course, if I can deal with my stressrelated
problems, then that is the bulk of the problem
solved right there. After reading several tips that help
a person get better sleep, I have decided to attempt to
follow some of these said tips. Drinking warm tea, taking
a relaxing shower, turning off electronics an hour
before bed and following a calming bedtime routine will
hopefully help. My biggest test will be whether or not I
can follow through and turn off my electronics.
Lastly, I am just going to try being a better person
overall. I have a lot of personality traits I need to work
on. I need to learn to be more patient. I need to learn
not to be too sensitive. I need to learn to be grateful for
everything I have. So that is what I plan on doing this
year. And that is why I don’t believe in resolutions but
I do believe in change. Everyone has something they
want to change. So just start now. It’s January 10th and
you realize you never made any resolution? It’s January
10th and you realize you made one, but you haven’t
stuck with it? That’s okay! We are people and change
will not come easily. It is a work in progress. But, as
long as you are making an effort to better yourself,
that’s all that matters. Start now. Don’t wait until next
week, next month or next year. Now is the time.

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