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We have all hit roadblocks at one time or another in our
lives. Getting past them can seem close to impossible.
Some of you may even be staring right at a road block
as you are reading this; so I want you to think about a
time in the past when you were facing another roadblock
and you thought getting out of it was impossible… but
you are here. That means you got out of it. So guess
what that means? You are an Overcomer!
Today I am here to encourage you to be an Overcomer;
overcoming the odds when they are all stacked
against you. It is said, you have no choice over the cards
you are dealt in life but you do have a choice whether
you are going to play the hand you are dealt or throw it
in an give up. I believe that when we come up against
situations that seem impossible to come out of, we are
doing two things – stretching our Faith and giving God
the opportunity to show up. If we could do it on our own,
why would we need God?
I believe God lets us get into situations to show us that
He still sits on the Throne. I know when God does not
show up as fast as I think he should, He is
pulling strengths out of me that I didn’t even
realize I possessed. God also gives us Trials
and Tribulations because he knows that we
will learn from it. Then when another brother
or sister in Christ is struggling in that same
area, we can come alongside them, use
our experiences, and our struggles to help
them up. In Romans 8:28, it says “And we
know that all things work together for good
for those who love God, for those who are
called according to His purpose.”
So God is stating that no
matter what we are going
through in life and what the
Enemy throws at us when
we, who love God, are called
according to His purpose all
things will work out for our
good. We have to really trust
& believe in His Word and
have Faith in what His Word
says. We all go through struggles in life;
no one struggle the same as another.
Some people may have financial issues,
marital issues, relationship problems,
mental issues, and the list goes on. I
believe no matter what the situation, or
the struggle that we may have, when we
truly trust God and what he is calling us to
do, we can overcome any struggle in life.
In Revelations 12:11, it says; “And they
overcame him (The Enemy) by the Blood
of the Lamb (Jesus) and the Word of their
Testimony (The Trials and Tribulations
they had Overcome). So as we are in the
third week of this new year, we need to
have a Victor mindset and not a victim
mindset because we are Victors in Christ.
John 16:33 says “These things I have spoken to you that
in Me you may have peace in the world. You will have
trials and tribulations; but be of good cheer, I have
overcome the world.”
Being that we know that Jesus has already overcome
the world, if you don’t get anything else from this article,
get this. Are you ready? The only way you lose is if you
quit. Jesus has already won it all and overcome the
world. We just need to go get the award.

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