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Do you remember the time when you were young and
you had so many dreams and aspirations of things you
wanted to become? You would see the police officer ride
by in his car and you would think to yourself :I want to be
a Cop.” Or you may have gone to the hospital and seen
the Dr. in his white coat and told yourself “I want to be
a Dr.” or whatever the case may be. We had dreams of
different things we wanted to become.
Now look at your life today…did you live out your
dream? As time goes on, and we get older, and gain responsibilities
and life kind of molly whops us upside our
head, we tend to forget about those childhood dreams.
Now that we are adults I know there are still dreams
inside of us that we wish to one day accomplish. Do you
know that it was God that gave you those dreams and
aspirations? Where there are visions, God will provide
the provision At times, when we are trying to accomplish
our dreams, the struggle gets too hard and we quit right
in the middle of it. Let me give you a small analogy. We
are like small pieces of gold in Gods hands and do you
realize when gold is put into fire, the hotter the temperature,
the purer the gold will become. So as we are
persevering and going through the struggle, while we
are accomplishing the dreams God has set inside of us,
we may feel like we are in the fire. But I believe that fire
is God burning off the impurities and extra weight that
is holding us down. I myself, grew up in a drug infested
area, sold drugs, and even did drugs. I have been to
prison three times, with a rap sheet a mile long. But the
last time I was released from prison, I made a promise to
God that I would never go back. I got out of Jail, accepted
Christ into my life, started faithfully going to church,
then I registered for Bible college, went on to graduate
with perfect attendance, started doing prison ministry
myself then God gave me a vision for a ministry to be
called Lost and Found.
I am proud to say, through all the struggles, all the
attacks from The Enemy, I persevered and now the
ministry that God has yielded to me to steward, is an
official 501C3 non-profit organization and in the works
of opening a youth development/ after school program
right here in Texas City. In the same streets that I once
tore down, I am now going to do all I can to help rebuild
them. There were many times that I wanted to give up
and quit but God showed me the things that I am doing
are really not for me. They are to help somebody else;
and in those moments He gave me the strength to persevere.
So my encouragement to you today is: What is it
you know that God is calling you to do? And what things
do you need to do them? We may not realize it but we
have people depending on us and if we go down, we
don’t go by ourselves. Anything worth having is worth
fighting for. If it was easy everybody would be doing it.
So I encourage you to find that inner strength that you
didn’t know you possessed and persevere to the end.
The victory is much sweeter when it isn’t just handed
to you and you had to release blood, sweat and many
tears. Jesus has already overcome everything we will
ever face so fight from a victory standpoint and never
have a victim mentality. Because with a victim mentality
you are already losing 50% of the battle. The ball is in
your court. What are you gonna do?
Michael Jordan once said, you miss 100% of the shots
you don’t shoot. So even if you miss, at least you shot it!
It is all on you. GO GET EM’ TIGER!
Be The Change You Want To See

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