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There are times in life when God give us an idea or a
dream to start a new “thing” in our lives; perhaps a business
venture, or in my case, a new ministry. He provides
you with a vision but it’s kind of like getting a puzzle and
it’s up to you to put it together. Then, the puzzle shows up,
you empty out the box, and you are looking at 5000 little
pieces. What you do next can determine what happens
with that vision. Most puzzles come with a picture but
that’s it; no instructions. When you receive that dream,
that vision from God, He has already provided you with
instructions. He has provided you with a script(ure) to
guide you from beginning to end.
So what we are going to talk about today is sticking to
the script. One thing I know about God is He will never
give you the vision without pro-viding the pro-vision. So
many times, people lose the vision because the provision
is not showing up in the exact package that they expect
it to. I believe that sometimes God needs to stretch our
faith because where he is taking us and what he is doing
in our lives, for His glory, is not for the weak at heart. I
believe that the struggles, trials, and tribulations that we
go through when following the vision that God has given
us, is to help build our character, strengthen our faith, and
give us the integrity that we need to carry out the calling
He has put on our lives.
When starting something new, it is not ever going to
be easy. So when starting this new ministry for myself, I
had it all planned out what I wanted to do, when I wanted
to do it, and how I wanted to do it. It wasn’t long until I
learned that I had to have a certain number of people on
my Board, with jobs and job descriptions; I had to write
out a mission statement and also give a vision for the
ministry. Then I had to come up with the money to be
able to file the correct paperwork to get things legal in
the State of Texas. In the beginning all of that was new
to me. But with wise counsel and a great team, I was able
to get the proper things in line to get the ministry legal in
the state of Texas.
I’m not going to sit here and say everything went as
planned but I stuck to the script and remembered the
vision that God had given me. I also remembered that
where He gives vision, he will provide the provision. So
what I am saying to you today is Stick To The Script. Remember
that dream that you have for that new business,
that new relationship, or for that new ministry. God gave
that to you. And the only way you will not achieve your
dream is if you give up.
Everything is not going to go as planned. But whose
plan are you measuring this by? Your plan or God’s plan?
So stick to the script, find that scripture in the Word of
God and stand on His promises because God’s Word will
not come back void. The Enemy will try to discourage
you and make you think you can’t or that you shouldn’t so
that you will give up on the vision that God has given you
because it is not unfolding in the way you expected it to.
The script will tell you that when you just hold on, a brighter
day follows every dark night. Without failure there can
be no success. Without pain there is no joy. And without
chaos, there is no peace. So when you find yourself in a
storm that you are in just know that your Lifeguard walks
on water. And remember, all God’s puzzles come with
instructions. So stick to the script and…
Be the Change You Want To See

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