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Everything that we do in life that is meaningful with purpose,
will always require a process. Just like the old saying
goes “Rome was not built in a day.” So when we are
doing the things that we are called to do, in life, there will
always be a process. Start, middle, and finish.
Speaking from my own experience, starting the process
has never been hard for me. It was so easy in fact, I
could start three different projects at one time and believe
it or not, maybe half of one would get completed. That
was because I did not understand the process…or that
there even was one! So I got busy analyzing and thinking
seriously about what a process should be and how I
would go about putting the process to work for me.
Here is what I came up with. In the beginning we have
to do what is called “counting the cost”. Looking at everything
that is involved in the project, making decisions on
the ways we should go to carry out the steps needed to
move through that process. I have seen so many times
when the excitement of the project causes us not to do
the work up front. We don’t count the cost and we jump
into the project head first and before we know it we get
overwhelmed with all the things that it takes just to get off
the ground. I believe determining how we start dictates
how – or if – we will finish. So no matter what you are going
through, to get started…trust the process.
Now we come to the middle of the process. This is
where we know our costs and we are gathering the proper
tools to put the project together. This is all the leg
and grunt work aka labor. Here is where you find out how
badly you want this to happen and how committed you
are to getting to the finish line. I once heard if you could
want something as badly as you want to breathe, then
you would have no choice but to succeed. Here is where
half of the people quit and give up, lose their investment,
lose focus, and walk away feeling defeated. But this is
also the part of the process where the rest of us, through
blood sweat and tears, carry out the mission and put the
puzzle together.
Finally we get to the final steps of the project known as
“the finish”. This is where we look at the project, know exactly
what we have in our product, we begin to market it and
think of ways to make our profit back from our investment.
Once we get some momentum going, we have to look at
how we can maintain it and make sure it lasts for the long
haul. It is important to reflect on all the late nights and early
mornings; the planning and sacrifice; all the things that
it took to put your puzzle together. Like I said before Rome
wasn’t built in a day; everything is a process. And when
you learn to take one step at a time, one process after
the next then I believe you will be successful in anything
that you do. So my encouragement to you today is. Trust
the Process. Don’t skip any steps, and always remember
what it took
to get you
there and
who helped
you along
the way.
Be The
Want to

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