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By Trishna Buch
After 32 years of service, Benny Davis will be retiring
from the City of Santa Fe. The city is holding a retirement
party for him on February 27th. During this party, which
takes place at the Santa Fe City Hall from 1:00-4:00pm,
you will be able to enjoy snacks and refreshments while
thanking Davis for his longtime service to the city.
Born in Jasper and raised in Lumberton, Davis has
been a resident of Santa Fe for the past 40 years. He
earned a high school diploma and has hundreds of
classroom hours for residential and commercial development.
“I hold certificates in the building, residential, and
plumbing fields, as well as code enforcement officer,”
Davis said.
Davis’ professional journey with the City of Santa Fe
began in October 1985 when he was hired as a police
officer in the city’s police department. “I had background
in police work,” he told me. “I was formerly a Texas DPS
trooper.” Three years later, in October 1988, Davis transferred
to the inspection department at the Santa Fe City
Hall because “the City needed a building official/inspector”
and he transferred because “I also had a background
in the building construction industry.” Davis’ official position
at the City is the Building Official/Code Enforcement
I asked Davis what he considers his biggest accomplishment
and he said this: “I, along with fellow code
enforcement officer Joyce Arnold, was successful in
cleaning up and approximately 13 acre tract of land that
the city annexed in the early 1990s. This was a dumping
site for years and the eye sore of all eye sores. After
the annexation and several years of local and state
court hearings, we were able to put together a group of
volunteers and clean this site up at very little cost to the
taxpayers. The County of Galveston also participated.”
Now, after 32 years of selfless, tireless service to
the City, Davis will be entering into a well-deserved
retirement. When I asked him what he plans to do
now he told me “enjoy my family, relax, maybe do a
few things around the house, and work odd jobs a
few days a week.”  If you would like to thank Davis
for his service to Santa Fe and join in the celebration
in his honor, do make your way to the Santa Fe
City Hall, located at 12002 Highway 6 in Santa Fe on
February 27th.  “I have enjoyed my 32 and a half
years with the City of Santa Fe,” Davis said. “I
have made many friends in the community and with my fellow co-workers.
I will miss those I work with, but it’s time to move on.”

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