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Trying to figure out what to do with that old sofa? Have a
jewelry box full of things only your grandkids would wear
for dress-up? It is certainly true that one persons junk
can be another person’s treasure. An it is certainly true
that Repurposing rather than Buying New is both trendy,
creative and earth friendly. So; considering this wonderful
shop will actually come pick up your cast offs, why in the
world would you not want to send your things to a place
that exists to support our four-legged community?
The Mission is to help all animals through volunteering
and monetary donation, via For A Cause, by offering
unique, gently used clothes and merchandise at great
bargain prices in a clean and bright store serviced by a
dedicated and courteous staff.
The Goal is to create a better world with kindness to
animals through dedication for the protection in their
natural communities. We, as a charity will, by all lawful
means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate
suffering of all animals and helping to place them
in loving, responsible, forever homes. We stress the
importance of spay and neuter as a means of controlling
the number of unwanted animals and connect with other
groups and people that assist and adopt. We never discriminate
on the basis of health, age or breed.
The Path is through their stores which sell unique
items not typically found at other stores. Every visit is like
a “treasure hunt” shopping experience … you never know
what you are going to find day-to-day! We hand select
each item that goes onto our selling floor to make sure
it is suitable for reuse and meets out quality and cleanliness
standards. When you shop our store, you’ll love the
quality, assortment and prices!!!
The Donation percentage is based on the type of
inventory item that is sold. Items that are donated to us,
when sold individually or in exclusive lots, generate the
largest donation to our charities, typically 60% of the net
profits. Items that are purchased by us, when sold, yield a
donation amount of 20% of the net profits. Ultimately, the
quicker things sell, the more frequently we can support
these charities.
The Thanks you get for supporting their efforts is
knowing you truly have made a difference with every
purchase or donation. They enjoy doing what they do,
and they are thrilled to be able to support these worthy
causes. They have witnessed first-hand, the amazing
things they do, for those, that in most cases, would have
had nowhere else to go.

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