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Overcoming the odds in todays world is something that is
very far and few between. And as you are going through
the process, it seems that you will never overcome. So
in today’s Be The Change encouragement, I would like to
show you how The Lord took a six time felon and a guy
who has been to prison on three different occasions to be
ordained to preach the gospel.
I would like to introduce myself if you don’t already
know who I am. My name is Doc Amey and I am nowhere
near where I started. My journey started when I was six
months old and my biological father was murdered in the
streets of Galveston Texas over a “craps” game. By the
age of 6 my mother was addicted to crack cocaine and
by the age of 10, I was living in Texas City with my grandmother.
As she worked two jobs raising all of her children’s
children, slowly but surely I became a product of
the street. By the age of 14, I was smoking weed, drinking
liquor, and doing things no 14 year old should have any
experience or knowledge about. By the time I turned 21,
I was on my first trip to prison.
That criminal lifestyle went on until the age of 29 when
I was being released from prison for the third time. Growing
up the way that I grew up, with the criminal record
that I had, honestly, men like me could pretty much hang
it up and accept being a criminal as the only choice left.
Because no job or company hires people with the record I
had. But I always remembered when I was a little kid and
my grandmother used to take me to church. When I was
11 years old, I used to go to a church in Texas City called
Christ Temple Fellowship and Pastor Kevin who is my Senior
Pastor now, was my children’s pastor back then. He
used to teach me about a man named Jesus that loved
me no matter what. Somehow that stuck.
Fast Forward – May 2015 – I am walking across the
stage, receiving my diploma for graduating Bible College.
That memory; that belief; that Jesus loved me no matter
what condition I was in, that knowledge was the lifeline I
needed. It gave me courage and encouraged me to continue
to believe in myself. Later that same year, I was able
to get steady employment and in that same year, the Lord
led me to pray for Officer Sal Chapa and someone took
a picture of us praying together. That person posted it
on social media and it went viral. Then in December of
2016, I published my first book chronicling my journey
and sharing my testimony.
I am honored to say on February 22, 2018, I was ordained
as a pastor by Bishop Delbert Herrin and my pastor,
Kevin Herrin. If you go back and look at my life, I am
a product of what the Bible says; “We overcome by the
Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony”. If
you are facing something today, that seems overwhelming
and you believe there is no overcoming it, let me encourage
you. Try Jesus. That was the best decision that I
ever made in my life. It gave me a path to follow, brought
people into my life to help guide me, and most importantly,
reminded me every day that Jesus loves me no matter
what. Since I made that decision, I am not going to say everything
has been peaches and cream but it has definitely been all worth the
fight. You may have heard it said that life doesn’t come with an Instruction
Book. Well, I am proof that it does.  So don’t quit, never give up, because
You ARE an Overcomer!  You Can — Be the Change You Want to See

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