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Some tattoos are for show, many of them have particular
significance. Bruce Richardson has many tattoos – most
are chronicles of his life path – from success to defeat
and back again. One of the most significant includes the
number 7. There are 7 Continents and 7 Oceans on the
globe. There are 7 Colors in the rainbow and 7 Notes on
the musical scale. There is a pattern of 7 Stars which are
guiding stars (The Big Dipper) and there are 7 Objects in
the solar system that are visible to the naked eye. There
are 7 Metals of antiquity upon which civilization is based,
and 7 Levels in the periodic table of elements.
There are many more 7’s in the universe and the world
around us if we look hard enough. Interestingly when we
look at the Bible we see that the number 7 is God’s divine
number. It signifies perfection and completeness in
God’s eyes. The first book of the Old Testament Genesis
has 7 x letters. The first book of the New Testament
Matthew also has 7 letters. In the original Hebrew language,
Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth” it is 7 Hebrew words. The word
created has 7 letters. God is known as the Creator which
is 7 letters.
Perhaps that is why the logo for Bruce Richardson’s
logo for Strikers, an organization focused on eliminating
homelessness, includes the number 7. Bruce felt a calling
to use his talents as a REALTOR to search for a way
to provide housing for our homeless communities. And in
the process, he found himself being called upon to help
others with different needs but equally as important.
Strikers started out as a business entity focused on
boxing and fitness and as life will have it, Bruce found
himself homeless and struggling to rebuild his life. Now,
as someone who has helped numerous investors make
millions through commercial real estate, he is focusing
his attention on finding a way to utilize abandoned buildings
throughout Harris and Galveston counties to provide
homes for others who find themselves struggling to pull
out of their own homelessness and become productive
citizens again.
As one who has learned that a walk of faith can take
you almost anywhere, when he heard about Michael
Lawrence, he saw his vision expanding.
While Striker’s primary purpose
is still finding a permanent solution for
homelessness, he is finding there are
many other ways his organization can
assist in finding those in need a “SAFE
Place”. Like Michael Lawrence, who
has multiple seizures daily preventing
him from supporting his family, Strikers
has stepped in to help raise the funds
to get Michael the care he so desperately
needs. Unable to diagnose the
cause of the seizures, Michael has the
opportunity to participate in a UTMB
study but it is not covered by his insurance.
And so Strikers has stepped in
to help raise the money needed to get
Michael back to where he can again
work and function and in turn, help others
who find themselves in challenging
According to the most recent report
from HUD, there are more than
610,000 people experiencing homelessness
on any given night in this
country and in Texas there were 29,615
and 6 to 10 thousand in Harris and
Galveston counties combined. There
are as many reasons for homelessness
as there are homeless people but
the number one reason is that there
simply is not enough affordable housing
available. And it stands to reason,
that without an address the downward
slide is fairly rapid. Contributing factors
like poverty, lack of public assistance,
affordable health care, mental illness
and addictive disorders, while not necessarily
a factor at the beginning for a
homeless experience, will most assuredly follow without
Those factors that cause homelessness and make it so
difficult to escape, cost was estimated at $40,000 a year
in 2012. HUD issued a report stating that the $20 billion
spent on Christmas decorations each year could effectively
end homelessness in this country. Certainly there
is much more that is required to end homelessness than
just money. Attitudes will have to change as well and an
understanding that from an economic standpoint, bringing
aid to those in need will always be a wise investment.

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