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It’s that time of year again! Our Pathway to Hope
Summer Family Camp is just around the corner, June
25-29, 2018 and September 10-November 12 (Monday
nights)! We are excited to be back at University
Baptist Church this summer. Our Pathway to Hope
Camp is based on Texas Christian University’s Trust-
Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). This intervention
was developed for children from hard places
(foster care, adopted, trauma, abuse, neglect, etc).
What TBRI teaches us, is that trauma has wired the
brain a certain way which takes children off their normal
developmental trajectory. By using TBRI with
these children, we can actually begin to rewire the
brain and bring the children back to their normal developmental
trajectory! In addition to working with the
children, we also include the parents. We walk each
parent through an Adult Attachment Inventory (AAI).
This interview will help us better understand of each
parent’s attachment style and how they may be triggering
or miscuing their child’s behaviors. This is incredibly
difficult for our parents to go through because
often they do not want to revisit the past. However,
as Karyn Purvis (co-creator of TBRI) often said, “we
cannot lead a child to a place we have never been.”
Ultimately, if we are unable to heal from our past, we
will never be able to lead our children down the path
of healing. Our camp is so powerful! Not only are
we helping these children, we are helping
these parents receive healing which
will impact the family for generations to
come. For more information about how to
be a camp family or volunteering during
camp you can find applications online at or contact Rendie
at 832.632.1221 x200
FREE Prenatal and Parenting Classes
at Anchor Point. These 9-week classes
are open to the public and totally free.
Topics covered includes healthy pregnancy,
labor & delivery, natural pain management,
newborn care, infant bonding
& attachment, baby massage, nutrition,
milestones, and budgeting. All the classes
are taught by nurses, certified lactation
consultants, licensed counseling therapist,
occupational therapist, and nurse
practitioners. For more information contact Shelley or call 832-632-1221.
Discover Adoption: June 9, 9 am- 3 pm – 1905 Capri
Lane, Seabrook, TX. This one day workshop helps
navigate the world of foster care and adoption. For
more information contact Rendie call 832.632.1221,
or email: Lunch is provided!
Pathway to Hope Fall Camp: Sept.10 – November
12 (8-week camp on Monday nights) For more information
to attend camp or to volunteer as a Camp
Buddy, please call 832.632.1221 x. 200, or email:

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