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I am starting a new tradition for tidbits. I am no longer going to write about the issues facing our world. Don’t get me wrong. I am still very passionate about what is going on. I am not ignorant. I read the news and I pay attention. I have my opinions and I care, deeply, about everything happening and the affect it is having on people. But I just don’t want to write about these things anymore. This is supposed to be a positive and upbeat column, so that is what it will be. And it’s my column, so I’ll just write about things that pertain to me. No one can really disagree, because it’s not really about anyone else.

And today I’d like to give a shout-out to my family. On Monday July 2nd, I got a flat tire. Not only did I get a flat tire, but it was 3:00pm and I had to be at UHCL by 5:30pm in order to meet with my group to go over some last minute information for our presentation. Furthermore, I had all the materials for my presentation at home. So, of course, I panicked. And those of you who know me know that panicking is what I am best at. Worrying, panicking, thinking of the worst that could happen—that’s all me. If there was an award for Biggest Worrier, I would totally get it.

So anyways, there I was completely freaking out because now I had to wait for someone to take my care and tow it to a service station so I could get my tire fixed. Yeah, I should have mentioned that my car didn’t come with a spare tire. But, instead of calling AAA, I called my mom—in a panic I might add. “Mom, my st**id tire went flat again,” (it had gone flat back in January as well). Luckily, when I get all panicky my mom knows to speak calmly so I calm down. And she told me to call AAA and that she and my sister would come to wait with me. Long story short, my mom and sister arrived before a tow truck did. My sister and I drove to UHCL so I could get to class on time (because it was now 4:20 and UHCL is an hour away from The Post) and my mom waited for the tow truck. I managed to find last minute, make-do materials for my presentation and grabbed an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s for dinner. My car got fixed, they gave me a spare tire and I was home safely by 8:00pm.

But the main point of that story was just the fact that my mom and sister dropped what they were doing to come and be with me. Even my dad started to drive from work—after working hard all day—to come meet my mom at the Discount Tire. The fact that they, without any hesitation, took the time to come and help me out meant the WORLD. And I so appreciate that.

You know, it’s funny. Or maybe it’s not. I don’t know. But have you ever noticed how we tend to be nicer to complete strangers and our friends, than we are to our loved ones? I mean, it’s a very good thing to be nice to friends and strangers, but why do we not do the same for our family? Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I tend to be a lot more ‘short’, when I’m in a bad mood, with the people I’m closest to. And I’ll be the first to say that this is wrong. I mean how dare I be like that with the people who care the most about me? Please don’t misunderstand, it’s not like I’m like that all the time. It only happens on occasion, when I am scared or angry about something, but I tend to take that feeling out on the people who don’t deserve it. I’ll speak rudely or angrily and then, of course, I’ll regret it right after. I mean, it’s not just me. We all do it to each other and I think the reasoning is due to that closeness. Maybe this is a quote, maybe not, but I have heard that—when you are in a bad mood—you tend to be ruder to the people you are closest too. And that, I assume, is because you feel comfortable around those people and you know they know where you are coming from. But this behavior is wrong and frankly unacceptable. We should not, I SHOULD NOT, be ruder to the people who mean the world to me….I should treat them with the utmost respect and kindness. Which, like I said, I do. It’s only when I am scared/stressed/angry/frustrated that I act like what I have been talking about.

You know, my problem is my temper. I get angry/frustrated really easily and then it is demonstrated in my tone. And I need to get over that nonsense fast. Everyone goes through things and problems in life. You just have to face them head on and not let it get to you so badly.

But the good thing is that I recognize this. And I have already taken steps to resolve this, problem, if you will. Now, when I feel myself getting angry or stressed or frustrated, I will disappear into my room. Sometimes all I need is to lay in my bed, listen to some music and calm myself down. Once I do that, not only am I in a better mood, but then I won’t be rude to people who don’t deserve it and I also feel better about what I was feeling angry about. Other things that help me out: taking a long walk (I’ll sometimes go for up to two hours), taking a shower, watching TV or going on social media (although recently that is also filled with trolls and political debates and arguments and other nonsense, so that is my last resort).

Because, at the end of the day, no one will be there for you more than your family. There is no one you can depend on more than your family. So they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. And this is more for me but if it relates to you, that’s cool. And what I need to do is learn to not let things get to me so easily. Take some time away and to myself when I start to feel stressed/angry/scared/frustrated ETC. And, like one of my favorite singers says, I need to “treat people (my family namely) with kindness.”

So that is what I will do going forward.

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