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Our First Love


Our First Love

 Revelation 2:1-7

Have you ever been in love? Remember the day with our first girlfriend or boyfriend days. Nothing else mattered to us. We want to spend time with him or her were the most important thing in our life. Couldn’t think of anything else.

We marry our first sweetheart. And real life sinks in. Those emotions  that made our early days together so meaningful wither away, instead becoming a new and different  person, bearing rich and nourishing fruit, and one morning we wake up and realize we’re only going through the motions. The person we face across the breakfast table – if you have time for breakfast together at all – is someone you no longer know.

That’s what   happened in Ephesus. Remember Chapter One of Revelation Jesus appears in a vision to the beloved John, the last one of the 12 left alive to bear witness. The vision is terrifying, one day judgment. John has reminded the churches he is writing to this terrifying day, the same one who loved them enough to die for them, who has forgiven all their sins – the churches that belong to Jesus will also come under scrutiny.

Can a person be so busy doing God’s work they are too busy for God? The answer is yes. It happens to clergy and layman. No one is immune. A matter of fact, one mistake believers make is that they’re so busy studying God’s word that they don’t have time to worship or pray. Church members find themselves burned out because they want to do so much for God they forget what God wants most.

The most important relationship is our one with Jesus Christ. He knew their works. Choir practice, Bible studies, and preaching the Gospel.

Jesus commended them. In spite the positive qualities, something was wrong. Jesus said, “I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.”

Add your email to get started, plus get updates & offers from SermonCentral. Privacy Policy.That is, he is saying “you have forgotten the one you used to put first.” That they fallen out of love with` Jesus. It is important to love one another and love for Jesus come first, our love for people will get tangled and confused and result, in failure and disappointment.

Their first love had been Jesus himself, ‘they  replaced him with another lover, one that only asked for their time or their money but made no claim on their hearts. It’s easier,  to give time or money than our heart.

” Paul told the Colossians,“ whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father.[Col 3:17] Without God it’s not worth doing.  Make sure our work is under the power of the Holy Spirit, and not trying to build the kingdom of God with human strength. Keeping our relationship strong is what worship intended to re-center us so that our labor can belong to God.

If you don’t worship, you can’t love. If you don’t love, you can’t worship, the work and the world will consume you.

No matter how good the works you do, if Jesus is not at the center you missing the target.  Love for Jesus comes first.


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