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Galveston County Recovers Another Home…Another Family


Galveston County Recovers Another Home…Another Family

Galveston County Recovers is nothing if not collaborative. One Home, one family at a time, they work with numerous organizations to help residents get back into their homes after Harvey. This home was gutted by Team Rubicon, put back together through the combined efforts of Disciples of Christ, World Renew our of Michigan, Bay Area Habitat for Humanity did the roof, and American Red Cross helped with supplies and furnishings.

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Lynda Perez, Executive Director of Galveston County Recovers welcomed family, friends and volunteers to see the finished product this last week bringing this family home on a beautiful sunshiny day.

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The previous week they welcomed home another family whose home had been completely destroyed. This time they collaborated with Texas General Land Office and DSW Homes

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Long Term Recovery Group

Galveston County Recovers is a collaborative network that addresses the long-term needs of Galveston County following a disaster. They are made up of representatives from non-profit, faith-based, civic organizations, government & business partners working in our county. 

To learn more about Galveston County Recovers visit them at: 


  • Coordinated management of the long-term recovery process
  • Assistance to individuals and families affected by disasters who do not have adequate personal resources for their unique recovery needs
  • Advocacy for our county’s most vulnerable residents especially seniors, individuals with access/functional needs, and lower-income families to recover to a safe, sanitary and functional status.


  • Meet together and communicate to assure most productive collaboration in addressing our mission
  • Assure appropriate linkage between government and non-government disaster response organizations
  • Encourage the availability of training for agencies with limited or no direct disaster recovery training
  • Assure public visibility of disaster recovery efforts
  • Build constructive relationships with other long-term recovery groups and community groups

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