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Commitment, love of Texas City behind Johnson’s run for Mayor


Editor’s Note: The Post Newspaper has invited political candidates on the November 3 ballot to give their platform to our readers. Dedrick Johnson, who is running for Mayor of Texas City, is the latest to accept our invitation.

Citizens of Texas City are rushing to the polls during this early voting period to cast their votes in this historical election.  I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this ballot.  

My name is Dedrick Johnson, and I am running to be your next mayor of this great city.  

After 16 years as mayor, our current leader, Matt Doyle, has decided to step down as we witness a changing of the guard.  Who that new leader will be is entirely up to the voters of Texas City.   I am confident that I am the best candidate to navigate the challenges that 2020 has presented and more.  As we continue to grow and develop westward, we still face many internal challenges and issues with infrastructure, community development and crime.

I stepped away from local politics in 2016 after serving under 2 mayors, Carlos Garza and Matt Doyle.  But my 16 years of service as a city commissioner, combined with my experience working in public education as well as the oil and gas sector all make me an invaluable candidate with a varied perspective and a wealth of experience. 

Public safety is a major issue.  As a father of four, I want my children to live in a city where they feel safe, not only from criminal activity, but from industrial incidents and natural disasters as well.  As citizens we deserve that right.   I know what’s being produced in those refineries and the effects of potential disasters.  I want to assure the citizens of Texas City that we are doing all we can to make sure our industry partners are being the best corporate neighbors as possible, as we work towards mutually beneficial goals of the City. 

Our school district continues to build new campuses so that our kids can learn in the best facilities.  I want to continue to collaborate with the district and find ways that we can help contribute to their success.  This will in turn attract the best residents who wish to make Texas City their home.  I have volunteered on school campuses for many years long after I left the district as an educator.  It’s important for me to be a part of the solution, and not the problem. 

Positive and progressive youth programs in our city will continue to create great leaders of tomorrow, as well as assist our police with crime and delinquency because some kids may be bored and find trouble easily.   My entire life has been dedicated to providing and enhancing opportunities for young people to learn and grow towards being creative and productive members of society.

Storm drainage is always an issue in every municipality, especially those in coastal areas.  We will continue to work with engineers to find the best solutions to remove flood waters from our streets in the fastest most efficient way possible.  

I am a product of this great place and I love Texas City through and through.  Raised here and educated here all my life, I am determined to lead this city into the next great era.  I’m a visionary… creative… and skilled at relating to all people from all walks of life.   I want to unify this city while celebrating the diversity that we all can contribute.  Let’s make Texas City the absolute best place to live, work and play.  Thank you for your vote and your support. 

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