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Friendswood ISD flag gets taken to space


By FISD Communication Department

Musician Paul Brandt famously sang the words, “Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” The lyrics symbolize breaking barriers and reaching goals that might have one felt unattainable. On Sunday, Jan. 3, Friendswood ISD broke barriers – specifically, the sound barrier – as administrators received word that a piece of the District had made it to space.

Astronaut Mike Hopkins sent a photo from space with the FISD/Education Foundation flag

hanging from the walls of the International Space Station (ISS).

“It was very special to get the emails with the flags being flown on the ISS. It was moving,”

FISD Superintendent Thad Roher said. “We have asserted the importance of the idea of

gathering together to be mighty in the midst of this crisis no matter what happens.”

The idea came about when Roher approached Hopkins’ wife Julie, who serves as a nurse at

Friendswood Junior High, about getting a piece of FISD into space.

“I was aware that Mike was going to be going to the space station and approached [Julie] about

the possibility of taking something of significance for FISD up with him to help connect our

community to this amazing feat of going into space,” Roher said. “We believe our 14

square miles is a special place that produces special graduates that will do amazing things — what better way than to be part of this flight?”

“Given the circumstances of COVID and all the things we could not do, this was something very

special that we could and should do,” Roher continued. “We talked with Mike and got the dimensions and weight of what could be taken and after we talked about it as a team, we ended up on the idea of a flag. I shared the idea with several creative individuals at administration and they worked together to design the flag.”

One of those individuals who was a part of the design was FISD Education Foundation

Executive Director Ashley Adair who helped start the Together, #WeAreMighty campaign in the

midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The phrase was coined to represent togetherness and

perseverance as a community in difficult times.

“Seeing the #WeAreMighty flag in space was a powerful reminder that the strength of our

community knows no boundaries,” Adair said. “As the Spring semester begins, this show of

support reminds our teachers and administrators that they have an entire community rallying

behind and even flying high above them.”

“To keep those words [Together, #WeAreMighty] in front of us is important,” Roher said. “It is

time to highlight words and themes that use the word ‘together.’  It is not just a word; it is a way

of life that we aspire to uphold in Friendswood. It is what we want for our children. When that

flag comes back and we display it in the museum with the pictures of it on the ISS, it is the motto we want to go on beyond this time frame. We will not forget it.”

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