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Raining Candy in Texas City 

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor

Little League teams, girls’ softball teams and school baseball teams celebrated the patron saint of Ireland with an annual St Patrick’s Day parade in Texas City Saturday. 

The parade looked like a demonstration of how much children love candy, baseball, and riding in a parade. 

The children seemed not to have a care in the world other than pitching candy off their floats as they rode along with their teammates. 

Though there had been some concern that rain would prevent the parade from rolling along, it didn’t. The weather was damp, the breeze was very slight, and plenty of candy rained down on the spectators. 

Candy sailed through the air just as beads do during Mardi Gras. The children were dedicated to making sure everyone on the parade route was tossed several pieces. 

The parade was very sweet — so sweet that children like 5-year-old Rilynn went home with a bucket full of candy without having to say, “trick or treat.” 

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