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By: James M. Rankin
Galveston, Texas:
In order for a representative democratic society to thrive it requires everyone to cast their vote and their voice in the election of those who will represent them in government. In 2018
there will be many contested elections with both the democratic and the republican parties. With that in mind, the Post will be interviewing the political candidates for Galveston
County to provide all voters an up close and personal account of them.
The second candidate for our interview is Mayes Middleton who is running against the Wayne Faircloth State Representative seat for District 23.
JMR: Thank you for taking time to give our readers an opportunity to meet you. The initial question is why run against a sitting
incumbent of your party?
MAYES MIDDLETON: I am passionate about our country for I know first hand that liberty provides opportunities for our citizens.
It is important that all people are given equal access to own property and own their business, and not equal outcome. It was
clear to me that the conservative policies that are so important to our voters were not being implemented. It did not make any
sense with a majority of Republicans 95 members in the house with only 55 Democrats the people’s business was not getting
done, and they were not getting important legislation passed. I felt that too many elected officials that called themselves Republicans
were enabling Democrats or were actively fighting against those issues. Texas should be leading nationally in preserving
liberty for all of our citizens with conservative legislation.
JMR: What uniquely qualifies you to serve in this capacity?
MAYES MIDDLETON: I have seen the inner working of government and I did not like it. It is my belief that that the role of an
elected official is public service and not self-service. As President of my company, I know how to build a business and lead
people. Under my leadership, our company has grown by four times its initial value. I have served on numerous boards including
the Texas Public Policy Foundation along with the Business Leadership Council and the Empower Texas Foundation.
JMR: What is the most important issue that you want to tackle if you were elected?
MAYES MIDDLETON: I think it would be property taxes would be at the top of the list. As the taxes continue to rise the government
is pricing people out of home ownership. We are, in essence, renting our property from the government. I am concerned
for the elderly who are not fully protected. If you look back to 2010, property taxes have outpaced medium incomes by 2.3%.
JMR: How will you build a consensus among legislators to enact property tax reform?
MAYES MIDDLETON: I am already assisting with the process by working with Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
on property reform. It is disturbing that the House kill the bill. The key is to build relationships and to hold others accountable to
the interest of their voters.
JMR: Do you have any parting remarks?
MAYES MIDDLETON: It is important for voters to know that I believe in liberty for all people because with liberty comes opportunities.
I will talk the talk and walk the walk for conservative principles and will not compromise those principles. We must
protect and preserve those values that have made this nation outstanding.

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