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I have great news for you! God is with you and for you,
right now in the midst of whatever you are going through.
I hope you can see it, even if you don’t feel like it is true.
The fact is, God loves you no matter what and is for you.
In this season post Hurricane Harvey, it might be easy to
wonder where was God when all my possessions floated
away? Or, in the midst of grief over the loss of a loved one;
or whatever hard thing you are facing.
Reality is —God is with you always –as close as your
very breath. He was there with you through the family,
friends, neighbors and complete strangers who helped
you through your trial wether it was to muck out your
house or get to shelter or something else.
The Good News of Christmas is the creator of the Universe
has come near to be in relationship with us through
His Son. A son who has been through trials, rejection,
great abuse, and even abandoned by those closest to
him. This one Emanuel, God with us, knows hardship and
can relate to us if we will allow him into our heart. This
is why God sent his son as one of us so we could relate
to him, and not be in fear of him as some far away God.
In the wake of a friends suicide this past Fall, I have had
to slow down this holiday season and BREATHE when
waves of grief roll over me. I am aware there are lots of
people who have lost someone or are in the midst of losing
someone. As such, I want to share what has helped
and comforted me. I also learned at our Hope Festival that
people can become more depressed and even suicidal 6
Months after a natural disaster. This six month marker
hits at Christmas time when people struggle with depression
and dark thoughts anyway. With this in mind, let us
be gentle with ourselves and one another and know these
are somewhat “normal reactions to an abnormal event”
according to my friends doing Harvey relief with the Gulf
Coast Center for Galveston County. If you are struggling,
I invite you to dare to reach out to someone else or call
the crisis helpline at 866-729-3848 for confidential support.
Whatever you do don’t believe the lie that you are
all alone. The hurricane crisis and recovery helpline and
other resources can be found at https://gulfcoastcenter.
Remember God with us — Emanuel is Jesus’ very
name. I want to encourage you and assure you —you are
not alone. God knows what you are going through and
is with you through it all. I say again, Know you are not
alone. God is as close as your very breath. This too shall
Whatever hardship you are going through I
hope you can see God loves you and will work all
things together for good for those who are called
according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28). The
challenge for most of us is to keep turning to him
and surrendering our problems to him and follow
his lead. Most of us get impatient and try to do it
all on our own leaving God out of the picture.
We do this for a variety of reasons, fear of the
unknown or maybe we’ve been wounded by others
and struggle to trust. We may struggle with trusting
God. There are a wealth of reasons why we don’t surrender
our problems to God. If you are tired of trying to do it
on your own, maybe you can start small. Try telling God,
“I want to trust you, but I am afraid; please help me to trust
you with ______________(fill in the blank.)”
If you need something more tangible, consider picking
up a sign of Hope and claiming: “God, I am going to dare
to Hope in you, and that you have plans for good for me,
and that you are working out this situation.” Choosing
Hope is like pushing a lever on your faith and increasing
it. You can get your own sign of Hope in front of the St.
George’s Episcopal Cjurch at 510 13th Ave N. and the
other 6th Street In Texas City.
Claim a fresh start to the New Year with three wellness
activities on Saturday, January 6th at
St. George’s- Texas City 2-4:30 pm optionsorganic
gardening 101 or Prepare & Do Healthy cooking
for one or a family w/ Jeanette Pearson or
Learn about Living Compass Wellness Tool – finding
balance. At 5 pm Claim the Light of Christ at an Epiphany
Feast of Lights Service, and Bonfire of Christmas Trees
on Saturday, January 6th 5 p.m. (Donate your Christmas
Tree by leaving them on the lot behind church Sat. Morning.)
May God’s Light & Peace be yours in this Holy Season!
With Love and hope,
Pastor Robin Reeves
Rector, St. George’s TC &
6th Street Pastor

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