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There is something to be said for acts of kindness that
come long after an incident occurs. We have all seen it
time and time again. Something awful happens and we
rally around at the sight of the occurrence. People step
up; we see the best of human nature; the media is all
over it. And inevitably another story takes its place and
those involved in the incident are left to manage as best
they can.
What is remarkable about this story is that the help has
come long after the incident even though the need is still
prevalent. The Mayor of Galveston chose to point his influence
and his energy in the direction of those still in
hotels and motels, concentrating on bringing a little piece
of the season to them to celebrate and enjoy a holiday
meal, even in the confines of their hotel rooms.
Somewhere around three thousand plus families and
individuals received a visit and a meal from the Mayor
and his Merry Band of Elves this last week. It was a
reminder that they are not forgotten, not alone. It is difficult
to wrap our heads around the magnitude of the disruption
Harvey caused, much less the lingering effects;
especially in those places hardest hit. The relief effort
continues and rebuilding will stretch far into 2018. The
value of the example set by Mayor James Yarbrough is
an important one and one we should all embrace over
this New Year.
Keeping in mind that there are those still without a
home; struggling to get kids to school, maintain some
sense of normalcy when absolutely everything they are
accustomed to has changed, might be a reason for all
of us to be a little restrained in our daily lives in order to
leave some time to give to the organizations still involved
in helping the victims. Perhaps, we even take a look at
our budgets and make some space to send a monthly
offering to one of these organizations, or even to a family
we happen to know; or a business that is trying to stay
After all is said and done, the Mayor has reminded us
all that the need continues and that it is up to us to step
up and find a need and meet it. Texans are woefully terrible
at asking for help. It goes against the grain. Even
during the worst of the storm’s aftermath, Red Cross and
FEMA reps were coming to our paper to ask us to put the
word out that there was assistance available. Each time
they would comment that people were very reluctant to
ask for help. Well, that is our nature. So it falls to us who
are able to seek out those in need and find ways to help,
encourage, and give HOPE to those who are looking at a
difficult start to the New Year.
2018 offers us all an opportunity. We have an opportunity
to rise above the negative chatter that floods our
airwaves and all our many devices. We have an opportunity
to seek out opportunities to speed up the healing
process in our neck of the woods; to serve as examples,
like our Mayor in Galveston has done. Help us spread
the word and tell us how you have found a way to help; a
family in need, a chance to make a difference so that we
can encourage our friends and neighbors to do the same.
Best Wishes to All that we may find renewal in service
to our communities and hope that good works will define
us all in the New Year.

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