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I want to talk about celebrity culture. Now, before I
start, I want to get this message across. I am not going
to sit here and pretend to be somebody who doesn’t
care about celebrities and pretend to be someone who
doesn’t pay attention to what celebrities do. Because I
do and when I think about it deeply, I realize that I have
different levels of how I view celebrities and what I think
of them. The highest level is where I have seen most or
all of the celebrities work, I admire them in their jobs and
as people and—if I met them—let’s just say it would be
a dream come true. Next, there’s the level where I know
who they are, I like some of their work, but if I never met
them, I wouldn’t care. Lastly there is the level of celebrity
where I hardly pay attention to them, I don’t care about
what they do and if they, one day, decided to leave the
celebrity world, it would make no difference to me. But it
would be wrong for me to sit here and pretend that there
aren’t a number of celebrities that I, for lack of a better
word, “fangirl” over. I mean if you want to see how I get
all you have to do is put me in front of one of them.
But I always find it interesting the way most of us
treat celebrities. And yes, I do include myself in this. I
know that I can’t make this assumption for all of you, but
maybe some of you include yourself in this? And if not
any of my readers, then I know it is the case for people
around the world. What I am getting at is the fact that
we tend to put our favorite celebrities on a pedestal and
believe that they are these perfect beings who can do no
wrong. We all know that this isn’t the case. Celebrities
are human, just like any of us, and once in a while they
will say or do something that’ll make you sit back and
reevaluate your admiration for them. But the thing is, it is
possible to call out a celebrity when they do or say something
wrong or silly, but this doesn’t mean you have to
stop admiring them and their work. Of course, there does
have to be a balance with this. If that person you admire
is racist or ignorant in any manner, or acts in an equally
terrible or despicable manner, then maybe you should
reevaluate your admiration for that person. Luckily no
celebrity I admire has ever behaved like that. Please
excuse me as I take a minute to pat myself on the back
for my good choices in who I chose to admire. Okay,
I’m back. Anyways, like I said, celebrities are people
and we should understand that they will make mistakes.
Call out these mistakes, educate them if necessary and
hope they heed your advice, but there is no need to
stop admiring them. Unless, like I said, they are racist or
behave in any other unforgivable manner.
Alright, you want to hear something funny? I am a giant
hypocrite. I have already admitted I will go into “fangirl
mode” over the celebrities I admire, but when someone
else goes into this same mode over a celebrity they
admire, I find it funny. Not in the “that’s so weird, what is
wrong with them” way but in the “these people are hilarious
but I’m the same way with XYZ celebrity so I can’t
judge.” Is this confusing? Let me explain.
I have a cousin, on my mom’s side, who is a Bollywood
actress. Bollywood is basically the Indian equivalent of
Hollywood. Like Hollywood, Bollywood is filled with its
actors and actresses that range from being well-known
all over India (some of these are also known outside of
India) to actors and actresses who are just getting started
in the field. My cousin has been acting since 1993 but
her level of fame has risen tremendously in the past three
years. I add this to the fact that social media has played a
more increased role in my life in the last few years, and
I have started to pay attention to the comments that she
receives on her social media posts. These comments,
though I cannot recall exactly what they said, all touched
on how they thought she was an incredible actress and
how much they admired her work, with some comments
stating that they would like to meet her or like her to
“follow” them on social media. And I was sitting there,
reading these comments, and finding them so odd and
funny. Because, to me, she’s just my cousin. My family
and I don’t treat her as “special” or “different” because of
her fame. We treat her like we treat any other relative. In
fact, here’s another tidbits story-time. This cousin came
to visit us about three years ago and one night we were
all eating dinner. After dinner it is the responsibility of
me and my sister to clean up the kitchen. I was loading
up the dishwasher and my sister was cleaning the table
and my cousin said “I want to help”. So, if my family were
the type of people who treated her differently because

of her celebrity status, we would have just told her not to
worry about it or that we “got it” and she should just sit
and relax. But, just a few months before her visit, we had
another cousin visit and when he was there, my sister
and I made out a schedule to delegate the different after
dinner clean-up tasks. We worked on a rotational basis
in doing the dishes, vacuuming and cleaning the table.
So when this actress cousin said she wanted to help,
my sister went to one of our closets, grabbed a vacuum
cleaner, handed it to my cousin and said “have fun.” So
that’s the weirdness of this whole thing; that I would find
it amusing that other people “fangirl” over my cousin, but
I would do the same thing with (insert celebrity name
I could go on and on about how we treat celebrities
differently from us regular people. Some people even
assume that, because they are famous, they should stay
out of politics (don’t even get me started on how wrong
I think this attitude is). We go crazy over these people
who, at the end of the day, are just people. You don’t
see teachers or doctors or people with other jobs having
fans. But, despite the fact that acting, singing and these
other “celebrity” jobs are just jobs, some of us act like
these people are a world apart.
Now this whole column isn’t a lead-up into an epiphany
I have had that I need to stop being so “crazy” over the
celebrities I admire. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not
going to do that. There are celebrities who I like. I like
them a lot. And I will continue to pay attention to their
work and dream about the day I meet them. I just wanted
to write about this because I was thinking about it one
evening, and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I figured it
was a great topic for this column. Plus I take any inspiration
I get and just run with it, because I often find trouble
finding topics to write about. So, I want to end this tidbits
by asking you all: if there is any topic you’d like me to
write about, please email me at

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