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God gives us dreams aspirations and visions that He
wants to accomplish through us during our lives. And
there is a process that goes with it that requires us to
trust in Him to give us the provision for the vision. In this
day and age everything is Right Now. High Speed Internet,
fast food delivered to your front door, no longer do
you shop at the grocery store – its curbside. You order
online and you pull up to the store and someone brings
you your groceries. We get spoiled and we get to where
we expect everything to just come to us. But with God it
isn’t like that.
In todays Be The Change, I would like to tell you that
there is always provision in His vision. We can
see in the Bible, that God accomplishes his tasks
through us. That shows us that we are here to do
his work. God gives us different endeavors and
missions to accomplish on earth and He also
gives us the resources that we need to get them
done. Yet many times when we are inspired to
do certain things we get overwhelmed, frustrated;
and we start questioning if God is going to give us
the provision for the vision He places in our hearts.
We often tend to put too much trust in other people
when God already told us that he was our Provider. My
experience has been that when we start trusting in man
and ignoring God , He takes a step back and says “How’s
that workin’ for ya’?” And as flawed and spoiled as we are,
we get upset with God thinking He has forgotten us or that
maybe the vision that we had didn’t come from him anyway.
We become our own self-fulfilling prophesy. Things
start to go wrong because we stopped trusting in the One
who gave us the vision.
So my encouragement to you is to always know that if
God brought you to it, He will bring you through it. You
have to trust him. So that new business venture, relationship,
and I am preaching to myself right here; ministry,
Trust God and Know That He is Your Source. And
when you trust in Him, He will provide all your needs.
Sometimes people will not support you in what you are
doing and you should be OK with that because your trust
shouldn’t be in people to begin with.
And if you are ever feeling upset, hurt, or rejected because
someone is not supporting you, that should be an
indicator that your trust is not fully in God and it is time to
reconnect. God’s way is never our way; the way we think
things should go; God sees them totally differently. When
yout trust is totally in the One who gave you the vision,
then, in its appointed time, the provision will come with
no impediments. And the crazy thing about all of that is,
the people who you just knew would be there for you will
not be and the people you absolutely knew would not
be are the people that God will use to bring the provision.
So whatever you mission is that God has given you, just
remember – there is always provision for the vision from
the Vision Giver. Be The Change You Want To See

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