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Galveston Convention Center welcomed Texas Police Chiefs Association for their Annual Conference where Texas City’s own Chief Robert Burby was inducted as President of the Association for 2018. Chiefs and officers from all over Texas attended the four day event where over 180 vendors displayed everything from uniforms to the latest surveillance devices and classes were taught, presentations made and reports delivered while the winds blew and the waves crashed against the shore.  “After 28 years in the military I knew how to run an organization
but I also knew I needed to start at the bottom when I entered law enforcement if I was going to lead, attract, build and retain a consistently effective police presence, I had to understand the job. You start at the bottom and you get insight
you just won’t get any other way. You get smarter about a lot of things. You get ‘situationally tough’. And you figure out that you have got to “‘Be There Before You Get There.’  And that doesn’t ever change.” Seeking out a position as Chief of Police means being politically savvy, balancing administrative responsibilities
with civic responsibilities. A Police Chief is always looking to the safety of his men and women as well as the community they are sworn to protect. It means being actively involved in the career development of each officer, guiding and mentoring each department. A police chief is a very visible leader in city government. Responsible for operations, budgets, equipment, hiring and firing, as well as presenting a public face to the community and the media; attending city council meetings, developing and overseeing outreach programs, training programs for officers and civilians, coordinating between Emergency Management disaster response teams and other law enforcement entities, and on and on it goes. As Chief Burby says, “You don’t think outside the box, you throw the box away.  A chief is 24/7…on at all times.”  There are certain attributes that are necessary for someone who tackles a position like that. Chief Burby seems to have them all. To be humbled by one’s responsibilities while being confident in one’s capabilities is a balancing act many, if not most, of us struggle with. Chief Burby sees that challenge as a necessary requirement for the job. He does not believe wielding power is effective. His approach is to provide structure, set and maintain high standards, encourage growth and award excellence.  If there is a word that seems to stand out as a unique aspect of his character, it is his curiosity. When you
look at the career and education path he has travelled, each decision seems to have been made to propel him to where he is today. He chose a military career as a way to further his education while gathering the experiences necessary to prepare him for his life goal. His curiosity guided him into acquiring multiple degrees in Degrees in Administrative Management, Administration, Law Enforcement, Public Administration and his Masters in Public Administration in Criminal Justice. He continues that thirst for knowledge studying with the
FBI and multiple other halls of learning to expand and build on his Law Enforcement training , FBI Executive Development, setting the bar high while encouraging and supporting each of his officers in their own pursuits.
There is a reason there is minimal upheaval and virtually no scandal in this police force. When a leader creates a high structured environment with each member of the force expected to have set, attainable goals that follow the organization’s clear expectations, there is little room for outside “noise”. A leader that both exemplifies and recognizes excellence and growth in himself and his troops, creates a level of camaraderie and commitment to the job and the organization. These are the values Chief Burby operates by and instills in those around him – officer and civilian alike.  On the 29th of this month, Chief Robert Burby
was installed as President of the Texas Chiefs of Police Association. This is a natural progression for him as he continues to expand his knowledge, share his expertise, and continue his legacy of respectful, compassionate, transparent, law enforcement.

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