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By Shriners Hospital For Children
Dr. Steven E. Wolf is no stranger to Shriners Hospital for Children – Galveston, or our neighbors at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where he spent nine years of his career completing his post graduate training, and later serving as Shriners Assistant Chief of Staff from 2000 – 2004.
Dr. Wolf leaves behind his most recent position with the University of Texas Southwestern in San Antonio as their department
of surgery’s Professor, Vice-Chairman of Research, and Golden Charity Guild Charles R Baxter – MD Chair, specializing
in burn care, to accept what he refers to as the “the number one job in the world in his field” at Shriners Hospital for Children – Galveston.
Giving great credit to his predecessor, Dr. David Herndon, Dr. Wolf says he will be “…following in giant footsteps.” That said,
his number one priority is to “maintain the path we are already on” which is leading the world in pediatric burn care. However,
he also hopes to find new opportunities to improve upon all that we do, and to utilize new technologies that will help Shriners
Hospital for Children – Galveston to continue moving forward. “We want to be on the forefront of developing those new technologies”
and, “I have a long history of research and funding to do that” says Wolf.
Dr. Wolf also hopes to expand our reach through the development of new relationships, both nationally and internationally.
This way, he explains, we can carry on the Shriners mission and help more children in need of not only life-saving, acute burn
care, but also those of whom reconstructive care would allow these burn care survivors to ultimately live better lives.
The Shriners, Dr. Wolf believes, are “the greatest philanthropic organization in the world – period! The enthusiasm of the
Shriners is phenomenal and unmatched. They have made a difference in millions of children’s lives over the years. Those
kids have gone on to live great lives in the face of very significant challenges no one would have thought that they could do.”
In fact, witnessing this first-hand, has greatly impacted how Dr. Wolf approaches his own patient care. “The goal is to see
every patient how they will look three or four years from now, not what they are going to look like tomorrow, although that’s
important too” says Wolf. He often tells his patients “We want to get you to where you can do whatever in the world you want
to do. And,… we’re going to get there!”
Regarding the Galveston hospital itself, Wolf states “This is a welcoming and supportive
environment” that “…is built to support the burned child, and his or her family; not just today,
but for the next ten years. That is our mission, given to us by the Shriners organization, and
we will stay true to that.” He believes “The best quality of burn care in the world is here in
Although Dr. Wolf did not originally intend to become a burn surgeon, this former rugby
player has over the course of his career, adopted a very aggressive approach to its mission.
“My goal, and the goal of burn care, is to reach the point of no scar, no pain, and no deaths
– zero for every burned patient” says Wolf. And, while he acknowledges that burn care has
come a long way, he states “… we still have a long way to go. That’s our vision!”
When Dr. Wolf is not working hard to treat and make advances in children’s burn care, you
might find him on the golf course, or spending time with his wife and family; including two
grown children who are actively pursuing their own careers in the healthcare industry.

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