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“Sundays usually meant good luck. Parrott had been born on a Sunday, and every important event in his life that he could remember had happened on a Sunday, too. He’d met Tonya on a Sunday in the fall of freshman year. It was Sunday when he’d scored the winning touchdown for Syracuse at the Texas Bowl. It was Sunday when he’d received the news of being promoted to detective of the West Brandywine Police. But this Sunday, Parrott just wasn’t feeling it.”

And so begins the latest publication and first mystery by local author, Saralynn Richard. The book has received very good reviews, and Saralyn has been likened to no less than Agatha Christie. That’s high praise indeed, as any mystery fan is well aware.

The title of the book, “Murder In The One Percent,”    is a reference to Americans whose wealth puts them     in the top one percent of the population. All the main characters in the story, except for the police detective, are in that financial bracket. While attending a weekend birthday celebration held at the honoree’s elegant coun- try estate, one of the guests is murdered.

Trying to figure out “who dunnit” is a real challenge for the reader. Motives are thick on the ground, as are clues. The tricky part of this intriguing puzzle is picking up these clues as well as discarding the red herrings scat- tered throughout the plot. Saralyn, like Agatha Christie, excels in leading her readers down false trails while play- ing perfectly fair.

She has managed to hit her first mystery effort right out of the ballpark. She has also completed her second novel and is hard at work on her third. Detective Parrott, the likeable police detective from her first mystery will reappear in the latter, a fact that should delight those readers who made his acquaintance in “Murder In The One Percent.”

Saralyn also published one of the most charming children’s books ever a few years ago. “Naughty Nana” is based on the adventures and mishaps of her English Sheepdog puppy. She and Nana, now a well-behaved, mature dog, frequently appear at libraries and public events throughout the area. Saralyn reads the book to children attending, while Nana flops down and charms everyone in her audience. They are a big hit wherever they go.

You can learn more about Saralyn Richard by visiting her website:

And no, I did not manage to figure out “who dunnit” in “Murder In The One Percent.” Read it and see how you do.

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