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Every time I think I’ve heard the wackiest news possible,

I pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV and

discover that I haven’t come close to hearing the

weirdest stories. Especially when it comes to emotional

support animals.

Consider the report of the woman who wanted to

take her emotional support animal on a flight across

country. This is not at all rare these days. More and

more flyers are bringing emotional support critters

along on their travels.

But this story is mind-blowing.

A woman arrived at the airport with her peacock,

Dexter. I’m not an expert on peacocks. What I do

know is that they are extremely large birds, who tend

to emit shrieks like someone being murdered. I have

no idea why they do this, but I wouldn’t be very happy

to have this happen when I’m traveling on a plane.

And sitting next to a peacock is definitely not on my

bucket list.

Fortunately for the passengers who would’ve been

on the peacock’s flight, the airline refused to give

Dexter a boarding pass because of his weight and


Good call by the airline. Can you imagine the emotional

health of the passengers if the peacock had

decided to take flight in the cabin, screaming loudly

as he soared overhead like Rodan? (Remember that

winged monster from that old movie?)

Then there was the 80-pound pig who became disruptive

and had to be removed from a plane. Apparently

he freaked out as the plane prepared to take

off, gave a terrified squeal and promptly had an accident

right in the aisle. His fellow passengers were

not thrilled.

Other emotional support animals have included

goats, a kangaroo, a marmoset, a duck, and a tur key.

If you think I’m making this up, just Google “weird

emotional support animals“ on your computer.

These emotional support critters are not to be confused

with service animals such as guide dogs for the

blind, hearing dogs and dogs trained to

help those suffering from PTSD. Service

animals are highly trained to be safe and

well-behaved around the public. To have

an animal certified as an emotional support

animal, you just need a letter from a

doctor saying you require this companion

for your mental stability.

Which leaves me wondering how far

this situation could go. How long will it

be before someone shows up at the

boarding gate with a bear, alligator or elephant?

Gives “fly the friendly skies” a whole

new slant, doesn’t it? And we thought

sitting next to a hyperactive child on a

sugar high was frightening . . .


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