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As the Sun set over the Pointe Ann apartments, family, friends, neighbors and more gathered to show support for the family of Kimaria Nelson who had lost the loves of her three children, Angela 5, Prince 2 and Ashanti, 41 days old, and was herself recovering from being beaten and shot twice with a pellet gun by Junaid Mehmood. Kimaria’s sister spoke to the gathering crowd, who had brought balloons to honor the children, but her words were broken with sobs; her body shaking and bent with the pain of this terrible loss. She asked for everyone’s prayers “for my mama who is really hurting and for my sister Kimaria because I need her, I really need her..” Pastor Jervie Windom then took the microphone and asked that those present gather around the children there and pray together asking for God’s strength. “When things like this happen we don’t have words. We cannot get our hearts and minds around it. But even in the midst of this pain – even though we can’t understand it, we need your strength, we still know that you are faithful. And so we ask for your peace, the peace that surpasses all understanding. We need your power even as we face this tragedy, as this family and this community come together that we can feel your love knowing how special and how important they are to you Lord. Truly in this hour, we need you. We need you as a community, as a family to give them strength that can only come from your Holy Spirit. WE know that even in the face of this, you are faithful so that we can be the people that you called us to be so that we can show the love that you called us to show… the love that transforms lives, the love that changes and transforms communities and even more, that changes and transforms us. We pray that this will be a time for connecting with one another and out of the midst of these ashes will rise a healing and a remembrance of how precious each person touched by this tragedy is to you. Bless this family in their time of great need. Bless this community as they struggle to understand and accept, moving through the power of your love. Amen” The violence of the act evidenced in the apartment, the condition of the mother when police arrived, all spoke to a mind lost of sanity. Chief Joe Stanton was quoted as saying that the officers working the case have been deeply troubled by what they are having to deal with. The horrific details remain with these officers and the family as they should. And it is our job as a community to pray for this family and the deeply disturbed young man who perpetrated the crime. Healing will be difficult and very slow. And the consequences of such a tragedy will be far reaching. Let us all consider the words of Pastor Windom as we keep the family, the Pointe Ann community and the officers working this case, in our thoughts and our prayers. There are other ways to reach out to show “the love God calls us to show” by contributing to the family through any Amegy Bank. Simply ask any teller that you would like to donate to the Nelson family and they will deposit the donation to a special account for the family and give you a receipt. As the family faces extensive medical expenses for Kimaria’s recovery as well as the funeral costs for her children, knowing the entire community stands in solidarity as they work through their loss will be a genuine blessing to them and an affirmation of the kind of community we share in Texas City.

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