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We are currently two weeks into the new year. By now you probably think you have things pretty much under control: holiday decorations put away, shopping the post-Christmas sales finished, maybe even some of the bills got paid. Good job, you may be thinking to yourself. “Don’t wear yourself out patting yourself on the back.” That’s what my dad would say right about now. You don’t want to get too complacent about things. For example, are you sure you’re putting the correct year on every check you’re writing? Each year I remind myself to do this. And each year I manage to forget it on at least a few of them. Old habits are hard to break. And new ones are much harder to establish, as we all know. Have you managed to put out a new calendar (or more than one)? I personally have one over my computer desk, another one in the kitchen, and sometimes even a third one next to my bed. The difficulty here is you need to put everything important on each and every calendar you use. INCLUDING (AND ESPECIALLY) THE ONE IN YOUR CELL PHONE! Things like doctor and dentist appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, veterinary checkups, meetings and all the other stuff we have to keep up with these days. The worst thing about this is that a lot of it is scheduled months ahead of time. We’re given a little bitty appointment card for this purpose. Good luck with that – if you still have the card six months later, you are either very lucky or annoyingly organized. I am neither. I’ve read a lot of self-help books on how to get organized. Most of them aren’t really helpful, because they’re written for people who are already pretty organized. But you take someone like me, who is disorganized by nature, and you have a real challenge on your hands. None of the usual solutions work. We naturally disorganized folks can thwart the organized experts without even trying. It’s our Super Power. I honestly believe the only solution to our dilemma is to figure things out for ourselves. At least we’re familiar with how our minds work. We just need to take a little time to be proactive. (I really dislike buzz words like “proactive” but sometimes they’re useful.) Here’s one quick idea for solving the problem of writing the old year on this new year’s checks. Get out your checkbook and on the line where you write the date, put down only the correct year. No day or month – leave that blank for now. Write the new year on several unused checks. Now you have bought yourself time to understand this is 2019, NOT 2018. You’ve outsmarted your disorganized brain, at least for now. Why not see what else you can come up with this year? We disorganized people need to stick together! Photo Source:

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