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Congressmen Taking on the United States Postal Service

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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Congressman Weber and Congressman Luttrell were both eager to get a tour of the US Postal processing facility in Missouri City on Friday. They held a press conference outside the facility, and both shared the frustrations of their constituents in dealing with the United States Postal Service.

Congressman Weber spoke of his own experience with a lost check in the mail and the lengthy process of phone calls and waiting for responses. Congressman Weber’s and Congressman Luttrell’s e offices receive 100’s of calls regarding postal complaints. 

These complaints range from lost mail to packages being delivered late, and stolen mail. 

A US Veteran constituent complained to Congressman Weber’s office about prescription medication stuck in the USPS. 

US Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Weber had worked together to address the reports by residents in Galveston of checks being stolen from the mail and fraudulently cashed.

So far, their efforts to get issues addressed with the postal system has been in Congressman Weber’s words, “stonewalled.”

Ann Schneider of Missouri city was frustrated about her package being stuck inside the Missouri City facility. “I went online and was able to track the package to this facility,” said Schneider. 

After speaking to the press, Congressman Weber and Congressman Luttrell entered the facility and made a request of the person who first spoke with them. Then another employee came to speak with them. 

Congressman Weber asked the second person if the postmaster was at the facility and if so, could he speak with him. The employee affirmed he was in the facility and indicated that he would check into the postmaster speaking with the congressmen. 

Then the congressmen, their staff and members of the press waited for what seemed like 10 minutes.

Finally, Congressman Weber used his cell phone and called a phone number and we all listened to recorded directions of the Missouri facility. Then we waited on hold till Congressman Weber gave up. 

In all fairness to the Missouri City Postal facility and the postmaster of the facility, they had not received advance notice of the Congressmen’s press conference and their wish to tour the facility. But the lack of prior notice was justified as Congressman Luttrell pointed out, he prefers making surprise visits to see what is really happening. 

Congressman Luttrell who represents Texas 8th Congressional District shared that he wants to be sure people understand it’s not the letter carriers’ fault. “It’s a systemic problem,” said Luttrell. 

Congressman Weber also echoed Luttrell in assuring that he is not blaming the 1000’s of postal employees in the region.

There was no tour of the facility. But the congressmen will continue to work together across party lines to get to the bottom of the concerns brought to their attention regarding the USPS.

“I don’t see this as a red or blue issue,” said Congressman Luttrell. Both Weber and Luttrell agreed it is a concern for all the people of Texas. 

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