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Parting Ways with The House Freedom Caucus

by Ruth Ann Ruiz
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By Ruth Ann Ruiz

The Post Newspaper Features Editor 

US Congressman Randy Weber who represents Texas 14th district is no longer a member of the House Freedom Caucus. He has been a part of the group for about 10 years. But recently Weber was called down on for missing some of the weekly meetings.

Since he had missed meetings, he was asked to reapply. But Weber just doesn’t seem to be too inclined to reapply at this time. 

He isn’t too pleased with the direction the caucus has taken and has issued this statement to The Post Newspaper regarding his exit from the House Freedom Caucus. 

“Given Bob Good’s anti-Trump stance, I don’t agree with the direction he is taking the House Freedom Caucus, and I obliged when he pushed me out of the group. We need to be fighting to advance the conservative, America-first agenda and not tearing it apart, and I don’t think Bob Good, the leader of the most conservative group in Congress, is advancing that agenda. By any measure, I am one of the most conservative members in Congress, and I will continue to fight for conservative values that represent Southeast Texas and do the job my constituents sent me to Washington to do.” Said Congressman Weber.

His wife, Brenda Weber, stands by his decision as she shared at the Galveston Republican Women’s monthly luncheon on Wednesday.

“I told him, you ought to just be conservative and do what you do. Randy does not agree with all the burning the house down tactics of the Freedom caucus. So, he won’t be reapplying,” said Mrs. Weber. 

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