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Foundation for the Future – To Infinity and Beyond!


Buzz Lightyear is an incredibly popular fellow. Movie Star, top selling toy, and Motivational Icon. Buzz really is a toy and before his starring role in Toy Story, he was not even a real toy. But Buzz Lightyear is a role model. Buzz truly believes he can fly.  With complete faith and total abandon, Buzz will leap off the desk he is resting on, bounce off a nearby ball, soar dramatically toward his destination, hit a beanbag chair and continue to soar through the air, bouncing and being catapulted from item to item until he reaches his destination. It is not so much luck that propels Buzz but his blind determination and unfaltering belief that he can do whatever he needs to do to save the day!

This is the focus The Foundation for The Future has chosen to guide them through the 2019-2020 school year. Christina Hall -Payne, TCISD Director of Development & Community Relations for the foundation spoke to the West End Ministers and Leaders Breakfast this last Tuesday to share where the foundation is today, and what plans they have for the future.

Like Buzz Lightyear, the foundation bounces from project to project, securing funds, promoting the need for Teacher assistance, leading the charge in sourcing and funding innovative teaching techniques and tools, providing grants to teachers and students to ensure all students, all campuses, all of TCISD has access to the guidance and support so needed in order ensure their success.

 Each year, the foundation offers L.E.A.D. a leadership program, created by Chuck Doyle and sponsored through Texas First Bank, for TDISD high school Juniors and Seniors to encourage civic responsibility and teach them leadership skills. They handed out 68 grants tis year alone to the tune of $214,000 in grants for teachers and students; and they do this every single year. This year they have increased teacher grants from $5000 to $6000 and they have crossed a milestone in transparency by publishing their first ever annual report which parents of TCISD students should be receiving this month.

Few communities have programs this well supported, and this well run. Ms. Hall-Payne is a gifted and an enthusiastic Director that brings this organization to life. A graduate of La Marque High School, she has dedicated herself to this cause and the results are phenomenal. Just like Buzz Lightyear Ms. Hall-Payne believes with all her heart in what she is doing and her enthusiasm, like Buzz, is contagious. 

The Foundation For the Future operates under the belief that every single child deserves the best possible education a community can provide. That belief extends to the impact providing that opportunity has on the community and the strong correlation between the quality of life in our community and the quality of its educational system.

To make a donation simply go to:

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