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Uplifting Hurricane Victims Through Prayer

by Brandon Williams
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By Brandon C. Williams

Editor, The Post Newspaper

Let us continue to keep our highest thoughts and prayers to those impacted by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian. 

Our short-sighted news cycles will eventually follow the next major news story or the actions of a “celebrity,” slowly forgetting those who lost loved ones and/or property while currently lacking the basic needs we unintentionally take for granted. As of Monday night, millions across Florida, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Carolinas and Virginia do not have clean water, are uncertain about where their next meal will come from or will spend another humid evening without the ability to cool off, let alone charge a mobile phone to update loved ones.

Donations are coming along, and, as always, there are those in Galveston County who are answering the call in various ways to help support hurricane victims. Though it is somewhat embarrassing to state this, we must be reminded that loss has no color, cares nothing about political standing nor feels little about social class.

More than five years ago, others reached out to us after Hurricane Harvey left a devastating wake of death and destruction in our neighborhoods. Millions prayed with us and for us, and it is necessary to remember we are still in hurricane season. Only through the grace of God have we not yet had to pile our belongings and go up I-45 North or stay in place and take our chances.

Father in Heaven,

Let Your love and grace be felt upon our brothers and sisters who have been impacted by these storms. We grieve with those who have lost loved ones. We feel the pain of those who have experienced various other losses. Our donations and kind words can do so much, but only You can bright light where there is dark. Be with these storm victims and those who are in a position of decision. Guide them through this sadness and help them discover the light.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

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